Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 244, N 2, 20 June.

Molar volumes and viscosities of LiClO4 and LiBr 
in propylene carbonate + 1,2-dimethoxyethane 
mixed solvents at 298.15 K  • 
Yang Zhao, Jianji Wang, Zhenning Yan and Kelei Zhuo
Pages 105-110

Aggregation equilibria of the components of 
the commercial extractants LIX 622 and LIX 
622N in toluene and n-heptane  • 
M.S. Rua, A. Almela and M.P. Elizalde
Pages 111-116

On the modeling of calcium sulfate 
solubility in aqueous solutions  • 
Brahim Messnaoui and Tijani Bounahmidi
Pages 117-127

High-pressure multiphase equilibria in 
the system glycerol + olive oil + propane + AOT  • 
Toni Benazzi, Elton Franceschi, Marcos L. Corazza, 
J. Vladimir Oliveira and Claudio Dariva
Pages 128-136

Simultaneous solubility of SO2 and NH3 in 
(salt + H2O) and enthalpy change upon 
dilution of (SO2 + NH3 + salt + H2O) in 
(salt + H2O) {salt = (NH4)2SO4 or Na2SO4}: 
Experimental results and model predictions  • 
Eckehard Meyer, Viktor Ermatchkov,
Alvaro Perez-Salado Kamps and Gerd Maurer
Pages 137-152

Modeling and prediction of activity coefficient
ratio of electrolytes in aqueous electrolyte 
solution containing amino acids using 
artificial neural network  • 
M.R. Dehghani, H. Modarress and A. Bakhshi
Pages 153-159

The molecular-level relationship between the 
properties of liquid water molecules and 
orientational order  • 
Young In Jhon, Kyoung Tai No and Mu Shik Jhon
Pages 160-166

Incipient hydrate phase equilibrium for 
gas mixtures containing hydrogen, 
carbon dioxide and propane  • 
Rajnish Kumar, Hui-jie Wu and Peter Englezos
Pages 167-171

Equation of state and manifestation of 
non-spherical contribution of interaction 
potential in liquid rubidium metal  • 
M.H. Ghatee and F. Niroomand Hosseini
Pages 172-178

High pressure vapour–liquid equilibria of 
the binary and some of the ternary and 
multicomponent mixtures of the carbon 
dioxide + acetic anhydride + a-methylbenzyl 
alcohol + acetic acid + a-methylbenzyl 
acetate system: Experimental and 
modelling results  • 
Lourdes Calvo and Theo W. de Loos
Pages 179-187

A generic molecular thermodynamic model 
for linear and branched polymer solutions in a lattice  • 
Jianyong Yang, Changjun Peng, Honglai Liu, 
Ying Hu and Jianwen Jiang
Pages 188-192

Multiparameter equations of state for selected siloxanes  • 
P. Colonna, N.R. Nannan, A. Guardone and E.W. Lemmon
Pages 193-211

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