Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2007, V 251, N 1, 15 January.

Editorial Board  • 
Page iii

Investigation of interactions
between some anionic dyes and
cationic surfactants by conductometric method  • 
Sibel Tunc and Osman Duman
Pages 1-7

Isothermal vapour–liquid equilibrium
for cyclic ethers with 1-chloropentane  • 
Beatriz Giner, Ana Villares, 
Santiago Martin, Carlos Lafuente
and Felix M. Royo
Pages 8-16

Measurement of infinite dilution 
activity coefficients of n-alkanes 
in 4-methyl-n-butylpyridinium 
tetrafluoroborate using gas–liquid 
chromatography  • 
Go Inoue, Yoshio Iwai, Munehiro Yasutake, 
Katsumi Honda and Yasuhiko Arai
Pages 17-23

Phase equilibrium in the system of 
water, alcohol or ketone, and sodium chloride  • 
Kazimierz Jurkiewicz
Pages 24-28

Improved virial coefficients  • 
Eugene Holleran
Pages 29-32

Liquid–liquid equilibrium of 
(1H,1H,7H-perfluoroheptan-1-ol + 
perfluoroalkane) binary mixtures  • 
J.R. Trindade, A.M.A. Dias, M. Blesic, 
N. Pedrosa, L.P.N. Rebelo, L.F. Vega, 
J.A.P. Coutinho and I.M. Marrucho

Isothermal vapour + liquid equilibrium 
measurements and correlation for the 
pentafluoroethane + cyclopropane and 
the cyclopropane + 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane 
binary systems  • 
Laura Fedele, Sergio Bobbo, Roberto Camporese 
and Mauro Scattolini
Pages 41-46

Solubility of mixed solids in supercritical 
carbon dioxide  • 
Guohua Tian, Junsu Jin, Zeting Zhang 
and Jianjian Guo
Pages 47-51

High-pressure vapor–liquid equilibria of 
systems containing ethylene glycol, 
water and methane: Experimental 
measurements and modeling  • 
Georgios K. Folas, Ole J. Berg, Even Solbraa, 
Arne O. Fredheim, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, 
Michael L. Michelsen and Erling H. Stenby
Pages 52-58

Vapor–liquid equilibria of the 
1,1,1-trifluoroethane (HFC-143a) + 
dimethyl ether (DME) system  • 
Jihoon Im, Gangwon Lee, 
Jongcheon Lee and Hwayong Kim
Pages 59-62

Vapor–liquid equilibria of the carbon 
dioxide (CO2) + 2,2-dichloro-1,1,1-trifluoroethane 
(R123) system and carbon dioxide (CO2) + 
1-chloro-1,2,2,2-tetrafluoroethane (R124) system  • 
Keesin Jeong, Jihoon Im, Gangwon Lee, 
Yong-Jin Lee and Hwayong Kim
Pages 63-67

Short Communication 

Study on solid–liquid phase equilibria
in ionic liquid: 1. The solubility of 
alkali chloride (MCl) in ionic liquid 
Jia-Zhen Yang, Bin Wang, Qing-Guo Zhang 
and Jian Tong
Pages 68-70