Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 248, N 1, 5 October.

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Page iii

Vapor–liquid phase coexistence 
curves for Morse fluids  • 
Jayant K. Singh, Jhumpa Adhikari 
and Sang Kyu Kwak
Pages 1-6

Investigation of different activity
coefficient models in thermodynamic
modeling of wax precipitation  • 
F. Esmaeilzadeh, J. Fathi Kaljahi
and E. Ghanaei
Pages 7-18

Vapor–liquid equilibria of the 
1,1,1-trifluoroethane (HFC-143a) + 
propane (HC-290) system  • 
Jihoon Im, Gangwon Lee, Moon Sam Shin, 
Jongcheon Lee and Hwayong Kim
Pages 19-23

Liquid–liquid equilibria of ternary 
systems (water + carboxylic acid + cumene) 
at 298.15 K  • 
Suheyla Cehreli
Pages 24-28

Applications of the simplified 
perturbed-chain SAFT equation of 
state using an extended parameter table  • 
Amra Tihic, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, 
Nicolas von Solms and Michael L. Michelsen
Pages 29-43

Phase behavior of diisobutyl 
adipate–carbon dioxide mixtures  • 
Jun Liu, Yongchul Kim and Mark A. McHugh
Pages 44-49

Comparison of the AMBER, CHARMM, COMPASS, 
GROMOS, OPLS, TraPPE and UFF force fields 
for prediction of vapor–liquid coexistence 
curves and liquid densities  • 
Marcus G. Martin
Pages 50-55

Prediction of liquid heat capacities by 
the group contribution equation of state VTPR  • 
Anja Diedrichs, Jurgen Rarey and Jurgen Gmehling
Pages 56-69

Prediction of vapor pressures and enthalpies 
of vaporization of organic compounds from 
the normal boiling point temperature  • 
Eleni Panteli, Epaminondas Voutsas, 
Kostis Magoulas and Dimitrios Tassios
Pages 70-77

Infinite dilution activity coefficients, 
specific retention volumes and solvation 
thermodynamics of hydrocarbons in C78H158 
branched alkane solvent  • 
Andras Dallos and Richard Kresz
Pages 78-88

Vapor–liquid equilibria for the ternary 
mixture of carbon dioxide + 1-propanol + 
propyl acetate at elevated pressures  • 
Chen-Hsi Cheng, Muoi Tang and Yan-Ping Chen
Pages 89-95

Comments on the coordination number models 
and equations of state of Tsai and Chen 
[Fluid Phase Equilibria 187–188 (2001) 
39–59 and 232 (2005) 100–112]  • 
J. Hu and S. Sang
Pages 96-98

Corrigendum to I, “Development of an 
equation of state for the square-well 
chain molecules of variable well width 
based on a modified coordination number 
model” by Jung-Chin Tsai and Yan-Ping Chen 
[Fluid Phase Equilib. 187–188 (2001) 39–59] 
and to II, “VLE calculations for non-polar 
fluid mixtures and polymer solutions using 
a SAFT-VR type equation of state” by 
Jung-Chin Tsai and Yan-Ping Chen 
[Fluid Phase Equilib. 232 (2005) 100–112]  • 
Jung-Chin Tsai and Yan-Ping Chen
Pages 99-101