Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 245, N 1, 20 July.

Proceedings of the Seventeenth European
Conference on Thermophysical Properties
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
05-08 September 2005,Edited by J.L. Daridon

Editorial Board  • EDITORIAL BOARD Page iii About the Conference  • EDITORIAL Page vii Diisodecylphthalate (DIDP)—a potential standard of moderate viscosity: Surface tension measurements and water content effect on viscosity  • Fernando J.P. Caetano, Joao M.N.A. Fareleira, Anabela C. Fernandes, Carla M.B.P. Oliveira, Ana P. Serro, Inns M. Simoes de Almeida and William A. Wakeham Pages 1-5 Comparative experimental and modeling studies of the viscosity behavior of ethanol + C7 hydrocarbon mixtures versus pressure and temperature  • Claus K. Zeberg-Mikkelsen, Guillaume Watson, Antoine Baylaucq, Guillaume Galliero and Christian Boned Pages 6-19 The van der Waals one-fluid model for viscosity in Lennard–Jones fluids: Influence of size and energy parameters  • Guillaume Galliero, Christian Boned, Antoine Baylaucq and Francois Montel Pages 20-25 The thermodynamic properties of 1-alkenes in the liquid state: 1-Hexadecene  • Talgat S. Khasanshin, Oleg G. Poddubskij, Alexander P. Shchamialiou and Vladimir S. Samuilov Pages 26-31 Density and surface tension variation with temperature for n-nonane + 1-hexanol  • Manuel M. Pineiro, Josefa Garcia, Beatriz E. de Cominges, Javier Vijande, Jose Luis Valencia and Jose Luis Legido Pages 32-36 A multiparameter thermal conductivity equation for R134a with an optimized functional form  • G. Scalabrin, P. Marchi and F. Finezzo Pages 37-51 Vapour–liquid equilibrium of octane enhancing additives in gasolines 7: Total pressure data and gE for the ternary mixture tert-amyl methyl ether (TAME), methanol and hexane at 313.15 K  • C. Alonso-Tristan, J.J. Segovia, C.R. Chamorro, E.A. Montero and M.A. Villamanan Pages 52-56 Experimental investigation of the vapour–liquid equilibrium of binary and ternary mixtures containing dibutyl ether (DBE), cyclohexane and toluene at 313.15 K  • C. Alonso-Tristan, J.J. Segovia, C.R. Chamorro and M.A. Villamanan Pages 57-62 Measurement of vapor–liquid equilibria for the binary mixture of propylene (R-1270) + propane (R-290)  • Quang Nhu Ho, Kye Sang Yoo, Byung Gwon Lee and Jong Sung Lim Pages 63-70 An analytical consistent pseudo-component delumping procedure for equations of state with non-zero binary interaction parameters  • Dan Vladimir Nichita and Claude F. Leibovici Pages 71-82 Artificial neural networks for the solution of the phase stability problem  • Jones E. Schmitz, Roger J. Zemp and Mario J. Mendes Pages 83-87