Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 244, N 1, 5 June.

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A. Arce

Critical points of adsorbed phases 
using a 2D lattice gas equation of state  • 
Marcelo F. Alfradique, Papa M. Ndiaye
and Marcelo Castier
Pages 2-10

Prediction of the enthalpy of vaporization
of metals and metalloids  • 
S. Velasco, F.L. Roman, J.A. White and A. Mulero
Pages 11-15

Modeling the thermodynamic behavior of
poly(lactide-co-glycolide) + supercritical
fluid mixtures with equations of state  • 
Pedro Arce and Martin Aznar
Pages 16-25

Ultrasonic velocity, viscosity and excess
properties of binary mixture of 
tetrahydrofuran with 1-propanol and 2-propanol  • 
Manisha Gupta, Isht Vibhu and J.P. Shukla
Pages 26-32

A complete discussion of the rationale 
supporting the experimental determination
of individual ionic activities  • 
Grazyna Wilczek-Vera, Eva Rodil and Juan H. Vera
Pages 33-45

Vapor quality measurement by a
discharging calorimeter  • 
Abram Dorfman and Ella Fridman
Pages 46-51
Prediction of liquid–liquid equilibria 
for PEG 2000–sodium citrate based 
aqueous two-phase systems  • 
Muthiah Perumalsamy and Thanapalan Murugesan
Pages 52-61

Experimental and predicted excess molar 
enthalpies for 1,4-dioxane + octane + 
cyclohexane at 303.15 K  • 
Zehira Hamoudi, Farid Brahim Belaribi, 
Ahmed Ait-Kaci and Ghenima Boukais-Belaribi
Pages 62-67

Measurement of heat capacities of ionic 
liquids by differential scanning calorimetry  • 
Anja Diedrichs and J?rgen Gmehling
Pages 68-77

Bubble points of the systems isopropanol–water, 
isopropanol–water–sodium acetate and 
isopropanol–water–sodium oleate at high pressure  • 
M.D. Bermejo, A. Mart?n, L.J. Florusse, 
C.J. Peters and M.J. Cocero
Pages 78-85

Activity coefficients of the binary mixtures 
of o-cresol or p-cresol with C1–C4 aliphatic 
alcohols near ambient pressure  • 
T.E. Vittal Prasad, Anupam Jaiswal, 
Suraj Prasad, G. Harish, N. Krupavaram, 
N.M. Sirisha, K. Ashok, Y. Naveen Kumar, 
N. Venkanna and D.H.L. Prasad
Pages 86-98
Short communication 

Athermal lattice chains compared with 
hard-sphere chains  • SHORT COMMUNICATION
Chul Soo Lee and Jung Won Kang
Pages 99-103