Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2003, V 205, N 1, 15 March.
Crossover SAFT equation of state for pure supercritical fluids, 
Zhong-Qiao Hu, Ji-Chu Yang and Yi-Gui Li
Pages 1-15 

Phase transition from structure-H to structure-I in the methylcyclohexane + 
xenon hydrate system, 
Noriyuki Shimada, Keisuke Sugahara, Takeshi Sugahara and Kazunari Ohgaki
Pages 17-23 
Crossover SAFT-BACK equation of state for pure CO2 and H2O, 
Zhong-Qiao Hu, Ji-Chu Yang and Yi-Gui Li
Pages 25-36

Effect of ---CN group on isentropic compressibility and volumetric parameters of 
mixtures of [small gamma, Greek] -butyrolactam (n = 5) and nitriles, 
S. K. Mehta and A. K. Sharma
Pages 37-51 

Liquid-liquid equilibria of ternary and quaternary systems with two 
hydrocarbons, an alcohol, and water at 303.15 K: Systems containing 2,2,4-
trimethylpentane, toluene, methanol, and water, or 2,2,4-trimethylpentane, 
toluene, ethanol, and water, 
Mo'nica B. Gramajo de Doz, Carlos M. Bonatti and Horacio N. So'limo
Pages 53-67 

A two-ionic-parameter approach for ion activity coefficients of aqueous 
electrolyte solutions, 
Cheng-long Lin and Liang-sun Lee
Pages 69-88

Effect of cosolvents on solute separability between liquid phases in liquid-
liquid-vapor ternary mixtures, 
L. E. Gutie'rrez and K. D. Luks
Pages 89-102 

Calculation of phase equilibria for the low-boiling-point compound + solvent 
binary systems by group-contribution equation of state, 
Masashi Haruki, Yusuke Shimoyama, Yoshio Iwai and Yasuhiko Arai
Pages 103-114 

The activity of ions: analysis of the theory and data for aqueous solutions of 
MgBr2, CaBr2 and BaBr2 at 298.2 K, 
Eva Rodil and J. H. Vera
Pages 115-132

Liquid-liquid equilibrium behavior of tetrabutylammonium bromide, benzene,
and water mixture, 
L. -S. Lee and H. -Y. Huang
Pages 133-147 

Enthalpies of vaporization of petroleum fractions from vapor pressure 
measurements and their correlation along with pure hydrocarbons, 
Wenjun Fang, Qunfang Lei and Ruisen Lin
Pages 149-161
Liquid-vapour equilibrium of {xBF3 + (1 - x)n-butane} at 195.49 K, 
Lino M. B. Dias, Rui P. Bonifa'cio, Eduardo J. M. Filipe, Jorge C. G. Calado, 
Clare McCabe and George Jackson
Pages 163-170 

Volumetric properties and viscosities of the methyl butanoate + heptane + 1-
octanol ternary system and its binary constituents in the temperature range from 
283.15 to 313.15 K, 
Jose' L. Trenzado, Jose' S. Matos and Rafael Alcalde
Pages 171-192 

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