Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 250, N 1-2, 20 December.

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Mathematical and numerical analysis 
of classes of property models  • 
Rafiqul Gani, Nuria Muro-Sune, 
Mauricio Sales-Cruz, Claude Leibovici 
and John P. O’Connell
Pages 1-32

Binary vapor–liquid equilibrium of 
methyl glycolate and ethylene glycol  • 
Lu Sun, Jin-Yan Fu, Wei Li, 
Xiu-Li Zhan and Wen-De Xiao
Pages 33-36

High-pressure vapor–liquid equilibria 
in the nitrogen–n-pentane system  • 
Guadalupe Silva-Oliver, Gaudencio 
Eliosa-Jimenez, Fernando Garcia-Sanchez 
and Juan R. Avendano-Gomez
Pages 37-48

Heterogeneous interaction between 
zwitterions of some l-?-amino acids 
and ethanol molecule in water at 298.15 K  • 
Bartlomiej Palecz and Agnieszka Nadolna
Pages 49-52

Vapor pressures and osmotic coefficients
of the acetone solutions of three 
at 298.15 K measured by head-space 
gas chromatography  • 
Moayad Hossaini Sadr and 
Jaber Jahanbin Sardroodi
Pages 53-58

Liquid phase equilibria of 
(water + propionic acid + oleyl alcohol)
ternary system at several temperatures  • 
Mehmet Bilgin and Cigdem Ar?soy
Pages 59-63

Measurement and correlation of the 
solubility of MnSO4·H2O in 
ethanol + water + MgSO4·7H2O solutions  • 
P. Safaeefar, H.M. Ang, H. Kuramochi, 
Y. Asakuma, K. Maeda, M.O. Tade and K. Fukui
Pages 64-69

(Liquid + liquid) equilibria of (water + 
propionic acid + methyl isoamyl ketone 
or diisobutyl ketone or ethyl isoamyl 
keton) at T = 298.2 K  • 
Pages 70-75
Dilek Ozmen

Study of CCl3F hydrate formation and dissociation
in W/O emulsion by differential scanning 
calorimetry and X-ray diffraction  • 
B. Fouconnier, L. Komunjer, M. Ollivon, 
P. Lesieur, G. Keller and D. Clausse
Pages 76-82

Molecular entity vacancy model  • 
Dong Ping Tao
Pages 83-92

Phase transitions and azeotropic 
properties of acetic acid–n-propanol–water–n-propyl 
acetate system  • 
Alexander Toikka and Maria Toikka
Pages 93-98

Osmotic and activity coefficients of glycine, 
dl-a-alanine and dl-a-aminobutyric acid in 
aqueous solutions at temperatures between 
288.15 and 303.15 K  • 
Carmen M. Romero and Maria E. Gonzalez
Pages 99-104

Thermodynamic study of 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane 
+ hydrocarbon mixtures: I. Excess 
and solvation enthalpies  • 
B. Marongiu, E. Pusceddu, S. Porcedda, 
L. Lepori and E. Matteoli
Pages 105-115

Carbon dioxide, ethylene and water 
vapor sorption in poly(lactic acid)  • 
N.S. Oliveira, C.M. Goncalves, 
J.A.P. Coutinho, A. Ferreira, 
J. Dorgan and I.M. Marrucho
Pages 116-124

The correlations of the enthalpy of 
vaporization and the surface 
tension of molecular liquids  • 
Aliaksei A. Strechan, Gennady J. Kabo 
and Yauheni U. Paulechka
Pages 125-130

Isobaric vapor–liquid equilibria for 
acetone + methanol + lithium nitrate at 100 kPa  • 
Ernesto Vercher, A. Vicent Orchill?s, 
Pablo J. Miguel, Vicenta Gonzalez-Alfaro 
and Antoni Martinez-Andreu
Pages 131-137

Solid–liquid phase equilibrium in the 
systems of LiBr–H2O and LiCl–H2O  • 
J. Patek and J. Klomfar
Pages 138-149

Description of the pVT behavior of ionic 
liquids and the solubility of gases in 
ionic liquids using an equation of state  • 
Tengfang Wang, Changjun Peng, 
Honglai Liu and Ying Hu
Pages 150-157

Activity coefficients at infinite 
dilution for surfactants  • 
Josefina Viades-Trejo, Alfredo Amigo 
and J. Gracia-Fadrique
Pages 158-164

The effect of temperature on the 
solubility of benzoic acid 
derivatives in water  • 
Jia Qing-Zhu, Ma Pei-Sheng, Zhou Huan, 
Xia Shu-Qian, Wang Qiang and Qiao Yan
Pages 165-172

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