Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 249, N 1-2, 15 November.

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Solubility of an acid dye in 
supercritical carbon dioxide by
ion-pairing with 
dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide  • 
Adnan Ozcan and A. Safa Ozcan
Pages 1-5

Equilibrium swelling of N-isopropyl 
acrylamide based ionic hydrogels in 
aqueous solutions of organic solvents: 
Comparison of experiment with theory  • 
Yury Orlov, Xiaoping Xu and Gerd Maurer
Pages 6-16

Static and dynamic anomalies in the 
Gaussian core model liquid  • 
P. Mausbach and H.-O. May
Pages 17-23

Solubility prediction in non-aqueous 
binary solvents using a combination 
of Jouyban-Acree and Abraham models  • 
Abolghasem Jouyban and Jr., William E. Acree
Pages 24-32

Vapor–liquid equilibrium in aqueous 
systems containing poly(vinylpyrrolidone) 
and sodium citrate at different 
temperatures—Experimental and modeling  • 
Rahmat Sadeghi
Pages 33-41

Determination of the critical anomaly 
in the viscosity for the dimethyl 
carbonate + (undecane or dodecane) systems  • 
M. Souto-Caride, J. Troncoso, 
J. Peleteiro, E. Carballo and L. Romani
Pages 42-48

Excess Gibbs’ energies of selected binary 
mixtures formed by N,N-dimethyl 
formamide at 95.5 kPa  • 
T.E. Vittal Prasad, Y. Sravani, 
V. Sri Ranjita and D.H.L. Prasad
Pages 49-54

Phase behavior measurement on the 
binary mixture for isopropyl 
acrylate and isopropyl methacrylate 
in supercritical CO2  • 
Hun-Soo Byun and Ki-Pung Yoo
Pages 55-60

Activity coefficients of the 
species in the methanol solutions 
of acetaminophen and two silylated 
derivatives at 298.15 K  • 
Jaber Jahanbin Sardroodi, 
Mohammad Ghaleh Assadi, 
Mehrdad Mahkam and Yahya Kazemi
Pages 61-66

Vapor–liquid, liquid–liquid and 
vapor–liquid–liquid equilibrium 
of binary and multicomponent systems 
with MEG: Modeling with the 
CPA EoS and an EoS/GE model  • 
Georgios K. Folas, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, 
Michael L. Michelsen and Erling H. Stenby
Pages 67-74

Calculation of minimum miscibility 
pressure for gas condensate reservoirs  • 
F. Esmaeilzadeh and M. Roshanfekr
Pages 75-81

Solubility, miscibility and their 
relation to interfacial tension 
in ternary liquid systems  • 
Subhash C. Ayirala and Dandina N. Rao
Pages 82-91

Measurements of gas phase PVTx 
properties for the ternary 
HFC-161/125/32 system  • 
Qi Chen, Rong-Hua Hong 
and Guang-Ming Chen
Pages 92-96

Vapor–liquid equilibrium of 
difluoromethane +1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
systems over a temperature range 
from 258.15 to 343.15 K  • 
Xiaolong Cui, Guangming Chen, 
Changsheng Li and Xiaohong Han
Pages 97-103

Binary liquid–liquid equilibrium 
in the systems containing monofunctional 
benzene derivates and 1,2-ethanediol  • 
Karel Rehak and Jana Dreiseitlova
Pages 104-108

(Liquid + liquid) equilibria for the
quaternary system water + methyl 
tert-butyl ether + ethanol + 
benzene at 303.15 K  • 
Monica B. Gramajo de Doz, 
Alicia M. Cases and Horacio N. Solimo
Pages 109-114

Vapour pressures and enthalpies of 
vaporization of a series of aromatic 
ethers of mono-, di- and triethylene glycol  • 
Aldona Dabrowska, Andrzej Sporzynski 
and Sergey P. Verevkin
Pages 115-119

Transport properties of anisotropic 
polar fluids: 1. Quadrupolar interaction  • 
G.A. Fern?ndez, J. Vrabec and H. Hasse
Pages 120-130

Transport properties of anisotropic 
polar fluids: 2. Dipolar interaction  • 
G.A. Fernandez, J. Vrabec and H. Hasse
Pages 131-139

Vapor–liquid equilibria and critical 
loci of binary and ternary systems 
composed of CH2F2, C2HF5 and C2H2F4  • 
Ryo Kato and Hideo Nishiumi
Pages 140-146

Isopiestic determination of the 
osmotic and activity coefficients of 
dilute aqueous solutions of the 
series MeEt3NI to HepEt3NI at 298.15 K  • 
Luis H. Blanco, Eliseo Amado 
and Jose A. Avellaneda
Pages 147-152

Application of extended scaling 
law to the surface tension of 
fluids of wide range of molecular shapes  • 
Mohammad Hadi Ghatee and Ali Soorghali
Pages 153-158

A comparative study of the atomic 
transport properties of liquid 
alkaline metals using scaling laws  • 
S. Korkmaz, U.U.N. Yazar and S.D. Korkmaz
Pages 159-164

Thermodynamic properties of aqueous 
polypropylene oxide 400 solutions 
from isopiestic measurements over 
a range of temperatures  • 
Rahmat Sadeghi and Fatemeh Ziamajidi
Pages 165-172

Phase behavior of CO2 + polyethylene 
glycol + ethanol at pressures up to 20 MPa  • 
Kiyoshi Matsuyama and Kenji Mishima
Pages 173-178

Vapour–liquid equilibrium data for the 
hydrogen sulphide + n-heptane system at
temperatures from 293.25 to 373.22 K
and pressures up to about 6.9 MPa  • 
Pascal Theveneau, Christophe Coquelet 
and Dominique Richon
Pages 179-186

Vapor–liquid equilibrium, densities 
and viscosities for the binary system 
exo- and endo-tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene 
and pure component vapor pressures  • 
Kyu-Jin Han, In-Chan Hwang, So-Jin Park, 
Myung-Jae Choi, Sang-Bong Lee and Jeong-Sik Han
Pages 187-191

Liquid–liquid equilibria of polymer 
solutions with oriented interactions  • 
Jianyong Yang, Changjun Peng, 
Honglai Liu and Ying Hu
Pages 192-197
Letter to the Editor 

Comments on “VLE predictions with the 
Peng–Robinson equation of state and 
temperature dependent kij calculated 
through a group contribution method”
 by J.-N. Jaubert and F. Mutelet 
[Fluid Phase Equilibria,
224 (2004) 285–304]  • 
Ilya Polishuk
Pages 198-199

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