Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 247, N 1-2, 15 September.

Editorial Board  • 
A semi-empirical hydration model (SEHM) 
for describing aqueous electrolyte solutions: 
II. Mixing rules for multiple electrolyte 
systems at 25 °C  • 
Efthymios Balomenos, Dimitrios Panias 
and Ioannis Paspaliaris
Pages 1-7

A new predictive UNIQUAC for modeling of 
wax formation in hydrocarbon fluids  • 
Joao A.P. Coutinho, Fatima Mirante 
and Jerome Pauly
Pages 8-17

Corresponding-states correlations for 
estimating partial molar volumes of 
nonelectrolytes at infinite dilution 
in water over extended temperature and pressure ranges  • 
A.V. Plyasunov, E.L. Shock and J.P. O’Connell
Pages 18-31

Great increase of the electrical conductivity 
of ionic liquids in aqueous solutions  • 
J. Vila, P. Gines, E. Rilo, O. Cabeza and L.M. Varela
Pages 32-39

Liquid–liquid equlibria of the system 
dimethyl carbonate + methanol + water 
at different temperatures  • 
J. de la Torre, A. Chafer, A. Berna and R. Munoz
Pages 40-46

Isobaric vapor–liquid equilibria for the 
binary systems 1-propyl alcohol + dipropyl 
ether and 1-butyl alcohol + dibutyl ether 
at 20 and 101.3 kPa  • 
E. Lladosa, J.B. Monton, 
M.C. Burguet and R. Munoz
Pages 47-53

Isobaric vapor–liquid equilibria of the binary 
system maleic anhydride and dimethyl 
phthalate at 2.67, 5.33 and 8.00 kPa  • 
Zhihua Liu, Wei Xu, Yiling Tian and Hesong Li
Pages 54-58

A viscosity model based on Peng–Robinson 
equation of state for light hydrocarbon 
liquids and gases  • 
Tian-Bo Fan and Li-Sheng Wang
Pages 59-69

High-pressure viscosity behavior of x 
1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a) + 
(1 - x) triethylene glycol dimethylether 
(TriEGDME) mixtures: Measurements and modeling  • 
Matias A. Monsalvo, Antoine Baylaucq, 
Sergio E. Qui?ones-Cisneros and Christian Boned
Pages 70-79

Studies on enthalpy of solution for ionic 
liquid: The system of 1-methyl-3-ethylimidazolium 
tetrafluoroborate (EMIBF4)  • 
Jia-Zhen Yang, Zhi-Heng Zhang, Da-Wei Fang, 
Ji-Guang Li, Wei Guan and Jian Tong
Pages 80-83

Is gas hydrate formation thermodynamically 
promoted by hydrotrope molecules?  • 
Laura J. Rovetto, Timothy A. Strobel, 
Carolyn A. Koh and Jr., E. Dendy Sloan
Pages 84-89

Solubility of carotenoid pigments 
(lycopene and astaxanthin) in supercritical 
carbon dioxide  • 
Juan C. de la Fuente, Bernardo Oyarzun, 
Nathalie Quezada and Jose M. del Valle
Pages 90-95

Isothermal vapour–liquid equilibrium 
with chemical reaction in the quaternary 
water + methanol + acetic acid + methyl 
acetate system, and in five binary subsystems  • 
Svatoslava Bernatova, Karel Aim and Ivan Wichterle
Pages 96-101

Study on the separation of 1-hexene and 
trans-3-hexene using ionic liquids  • 
Zhu Jiqin, Chen Jian, Li Chengyue and 
Fei Weiyang
Pages 102-106

Enthalpy and solubility data of CO2 in
water and NaCl(aq) at conditions of 
interest for geological sequestration  • 
Diana Koschel, Jean-Yves Coxam, 
Laurence Rodier and Vladimir Majer
Pages 107-120

Volumetric and derivative properties
under pressure for the system 
1-propanol + toluene: A discussion 
of PC-SAFT and SAFT-VR  • 
Guillaume Watson, Thomas Lafitte, 
Claus K. Zeberg-Mikkelsen, Antoine Baylaucq, 
David Bessieres and Christian Boned
Pages 121-134

Selectivities for binary mixtures of 
hydrogen/methane and hydrogen/carbon 
dioxide in silicalite and ETS-10 by 
Grand Canonical Monte Carlo techniques  • 
Marco Gallo, Tina M. Nenoff and 
Martha C. Mitchell
Pages 135-142

Henry's law constants of 1-butene, 
2-methylpropene, trans-2-butene, and 
1,3-butadiene in methanol at 374–490 K  • 
Yoshimori Miyano, Ichiro Fujihara and 
Katsuhiko Sato
Pages 143-148

Comparison of the SRK and CPA equations 
of state for physical properties of 
water and methanol  • 
Carsten Lundstr?m, Michael L. Michelsen, 
Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, 
Karen S. Pedersen and Henrik Sorensen
Pages 149-157

Ternary liquid–liquid equilibria for 
mixtures of toluene + n-heptane + an ionic liquid  • 
G. Wytze Meindersma, Anita J.G. Podt 
and Andre B. de Haan
Pages 158-168

Solubility measurements of high molecular 
mass n-alkanes, n-alcohols and alcohol 
ethoxylates in supercritical propane  • 
C.E. Schwarz, I. Nieuwoudt and J.H. Knoetze
Pages 169-174

Vapor–liquid equilibria in the ternary 
system dipropyl ether + 1-propanol + 
1-pentanol and the binary systems 
dipropyl ether + 1-pentanol, 1-propanol 
+ 1-pentanol at 101.3 kPa  • 
E. Lladosa, J.B. Monton, M.C. Burguet 
and R. Munoz
Pages 175-181

Application of association theory to the 
prediction of asphaltene deposition: 
Deposition due to natural depletion and 
miscible gas injection processes 
in petroleum reservoirs  • 
M. Vafaie-Sefti and S.A. Mousavi-Dehghani
Pages 182-189

Vapor pressure measurement for binary 
and ternary systems containing a 
phosphoric ionic liquid  • 
Jin Zhao, Xiao-Chuan Jiang, 
Chun-Xi Li and Zi-Hao Wang
Pages 190-198

Liquid–liquid equilibria of 
(water + 2,3-butanediol + 2-ethyl-1-hexanol) 
at several temperatures  • 
H. Ghanadzadeh Gilani, G. Khiati and A.K. Haghi
Pages 199-204


Corrigendum to “Prediction of phase equilibria 
for mixtures containing water, hydrocarbons, 
and alcohols at high temperatures and 
pressures by cubic equation of state 
with GE type mixing rule based on COSMO-RS” 
[Fluid Phase Equilib. 243 (2006) 183–192]  • 
Yusuke Shimoyama, Yoshio Iwai, Satoshi Takada, 
Yasuhiko Arai, Tomoya Tsuji and Toshihiko Hiaki
Pages 205-207

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