Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2006, V 246, N 1-2, 25 August.

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Solubilities of carbon dioxide 
in aqueous solutions of sodium glycinate  • 
Ho-Jun Song, Seungmoon Lee, Sanjeev Maken, 
Jong-Jin Park and Jin-Won Park
Pages 1-5

Experimental determination and calculation
of thermodynamic properties of CO2 + 
octane to high temperatures and high pressures  • 
Jinglin Yu, Shujun Wang and Yiling Tian
Pages 6-14

Multiphase equilibrium calculation 
using reduced variables  • 
Dan Vladimir Nichita, Daniel Broseta 
and Jean-Charles de Hemptinne
Pages 15-27

Subcritical and supercritical thermodynamic
properties of compressed Xe and Cl2 fluids  • 
M.H. Ghatee and N. Bagheri
Pages 28-33

Liquid–liquid equilibria for the binary 
systems of sulfolane with branched cycloalkanes  • 
Jihoon Im, Hyuckjae Lee, Sungjin Lee and Hwayong Kim
Pages 34-38

SVRC–QSPR model for predicting saturated
vapor pressures of pure fluids  • 
Srinivasa S. Godavarthy, Jr., 
Robert L. Robinson and Khaled A.M. Gasem
Pages 39-51

Vapor–liquid equilibrium of copolymer + 
solvent mixtures: Thermodynamic modeling 
by two theoretical equations of state  • 
Pedro F. Arce, Silvana Mattedi and Martin Aznar
Pages 52-63

A Helmholtz energy model for liquefied
natural gas systems  • 
J.F. Estela-Uribe
Pages 64-70

Monte Carlo predictions for the phase 
behavior of H2 S+n-alkane, H2 S+CO2, 
CO2+CH4 and H2 S+CO2+CH4 mixtures  • 
Ganesh Kamath and Jeffrey J. Potoff
Pages 71-78

A quasi-chemical nonrandom lattice fluid 
model: General derivation and application 
to pure fluids and mixtures  • 
Moon Sam Shin and Hwayong Kim
Pages 79-88

Aqueous two-phase systems of poly(vinylpyrrolidone) 
and potassium citrate at different 
temperatures—Experimental results and 
modeling of liquid–liquid equilibrium data  • 
Rahmat Sadeghi
Pages 89-95

Densities, apparent and partial molar 
volumes of aqueous KBr solutions at 
high temperatures and high pressures  • 
I.M. Abdulagatov and Nazim D. Azizov
Pages 96-110

Prediction of phase equilibria with strong 
electrolytes with the help of the volume 
translated Peng-Robinson group contribution 
equation of state (VTPR)  • 
Eileen Collinet and J?rgen Gmehling
Pages 111-118

Prediction of the surface tension, surface 
concentration, and the relative Gibbs 
adsorption isotherm of binary liquid systems  • 
Luis Felipe Ramirez-Verduzco, 
Ascencion Romero-Martinez and Arturo Trejo
Pages 119-130

Prediction of methane and carbon dioxide 
solubility in water in the presence of hydrate  • 
Shahrzad Hashemi, Arturo Macchi, 
Sebastien Bergeron and Phillip Servio
Pages 131-136

Prediction of the melting points for two 
kinds of room temperature ionic liquids  • 
Ning Sun, Xuezhong He, Kun Dong, 
Xiangping Zhang, Xingmei Lu, 
Hongyan He and Suojiang Zhang
Pages 137-142

Partitioning properties of linear and 
branched ethers: Determination of linear 
solvation energy relationship (LSER) 
descriptors  • 
Satoshi Endo and Torsten C. Schmidt
Pages 143-152

Excess molar enthalpies for mixtures 
of supercritical carbon dioxide and limonene  • 
Yolanda Sanchez-Vicente, Eduardo Perez, 
Albertina Cabanas, Jose S. Urieta, 
Juan A.R. Renuncio and Concepcion Pando
Pages 153-157

Measurement of gas solubility and 
diffusivity in polylactide  • 
G. Li, H. Li, L.S. Turng, 
S. Gong and C. Zhang
Pages 158-166

Calculation of Joule–Thomson inversion 
curves for two-phase mixtures  • 
Dan Vladimir Nichita and Claude F. Leibovici
Pages 167-176

Thermodynamic properties and phase 
transitions in the H2O/CO2/CH4 system  • 
Atle Svandal, Tatyana Kuznetsova 
and Bjorn Kvamme
Pages 177-184

Activity coefficients for NH4Cl in 
2-PrOH/water mixed solvent and some 
thermodynamic correlations for NH4Cl 
in ROH/water mixed solvents 
(R = Me, Et, 1-Pr and 2-Pr)  • 
Farzad Deyhimi and Bahram Ghalami-Choobar
Pages 185-190

Corrigendum to "Infinite dilution activity 
coefficient measurements by inert gas 
stripping method" [Fluid Phase Equilib. 
243 (2006) 126–132]  • 
Piia Haimi, Petri Uusi-Kyyny, 
Juha-Pekka Pokki, Juhani Aittamaa 
and Kari I. Keskinen
Pages 191-192

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