Fluid Phase Equilibria, 1998, V 148, N 1-2, July.

 Unification of the two-parameter equation of state and the  
 principle of corresponding states
 J. Mollerup
 pp. 1 -- 19

 The evolution of multicomponent systems at high pressures: I. The 
 high-pressure, supercritical, gas-liquid phase transition
 J.F. Kenney
 pp. 21 -- 47

 Estimation of parameters of Nitta-Chao model for ester +  
 1-alkanol mixtures
 J.L. Legido, J. Vijande, B.E. de Cominges, J. Garcia, T.P. Iglesias, S.
 Garcia-Garabal, J. Fernandez
 pp. 49 -- 68

 A new method for the explanation of liquids properties in terms 
 of molecular interactions
 J.-L. Selves, M.H. Abraham, Ph. Burg
 pp. 69 -- 82

 A short-cut method to predict the solubilities of solids in 
 supercritical carbon dioxide
 A. Vetere
 pp. 83 -- 93

 Use of Pitzer's model to calculate thermodynamic properties of   
 aqueous electrolyte solutions of Na2SO4 + NaCl between 273.15
 and 373.15 K
 P. Marliacy, N. Hubert, L. Schuffenecker, R. Solimando
 pp. 95 -- 106

 Description of vapour-liquid and vapour-solid equilibria for a  
 group of polycondensed compounds of petroleum interest
 K. Ruu zicka, I. Mokbel, V. Majer, V. Ruuzicka, J. Jose, M. Zabransky
 pp. 107 -- 137

 Solid-liquid equilibria of systems containing pyrene and long   
 chain normal-alkanes
 R. Mahmoud, R. Solimando, M. Rogalski
 pp. 139 -- 146

 A new method for measuring solid-liquid equilibrium phase 
 diagrams using calorimetry
 J.A.P. Coutinho, V. Ruffier-Meray
 pp. 147 -- 160

 Vapor-liquid equilibrium studies of the ethanol + ethyl acetate 
 G. Figurski, S.K. Malanowski
 pp. 161 -- 169

 Inverse gas chromatography applications in polymer-solvent      
 R.P. Danner, F. Tihminlioglu, R.K. Surana, J.L. Duda
 pp. 171 -- 188

 Partial molar properties from solute retention in supercritical 
 fluid chromatography: thermodynamic framework, advantages, and
 M. Roth
 pp. 189 -- 199

 Excess molar enthalpies of the ternary system (propyl          
 propanoate + 1-hexanol + n-hexane) at 298.15 K
 S. Garcia-Garabal, L. Segade, C. Franjo, E. Jimenez, M.M. Pineiro, J.L.
 Legido, M.I.P. Andrade
 pp. 201 -- 208

 Excess isobaric thermal expansion in the systems formed by     
 oligooxaethylene and alkane in terms of an associated mixture
 model with equation of state contribution
 A.J. Treszczanowicz, T. Treszczanowicz
 pp. 209 -- 220

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