Fluid Phase Equilibria, 1998, V 147, N 1-2, June.

ISSN 03783812
* A generalized method for estimation of critical constants
     Riazi, M.R., Al-Sahhaf, T.A. and Al-Shammari, M.A.
     page 1-6
   * Cubic crossover equation of state
     Kiselev, S.B.
     page 7-23
   * Thermodynamics of aqueous two-phase systems--the effect of polymer
     molecular weight on liquid-liquid equilibrium phase diagrams by the
     modified NRTL model
     Wu, Y., Lin, D. and Zhu, Z.
     page 25-43
   * Prediction of gas-solid equilibrium using equations of state
     Wisniak, J., Apelblat, A. and Segura, H.
     page 45-64
   * Theoretical study of vapor pressure of pure liquids in porous media
     Abu Al-Rub, F.A. and Datta, R.
     page 65-83
   * A systematic study of cubic three-parameter equations of state for
     deriving a structurally optimized PVT relation
     Ji, W. and Lempe, D.A.
     page 85-103
   * Liquid-liquid and liquid-vapour interfaces and wetting phenomena in
     the system methane-perfluoromethane calculated with the
     Born-Green-Yvon equation
     Wendland, M.
     page 105-122
   * Statistical regression of binary vapor-liquid equilibrium data for
     ternary phase equilibrium predictions
     Zhang, N., Qiang, Z. and Zheng, X.
     page 123-143
   * Modeling fluorocarbon vapor-liquid equilibria using the Wong-Sandler
     Shiflett, M.B. and Sandler, S.I.
     page 145-162
   * Excess volumes of mixtures of glymes with normal, branched and cyclic
     Andreoli-Ball, L., Trejo, L.M., Costas, M. and Patterson, D.
     page 163-180