Fluid Phase Equilibria, 1998, V 146, N 1-2, May.

ISSN 03783812
   * Prediction of equilibrium conditions for gas hydrate formation in the
     mixtures of both electrolytes and alcohol
     Nasrifar, Kh., Moshfeghian, M. and Maddox, R.N.
     page 1-13
   * Molecular thermodynamics for polymer alloys with specific interactions
     Chang, B.H., Bae, Y.C. and Noh, S.
     page 15-24
   * Prediction of the speed of sound in the ethanol + n-heptane system New
     application of the Extended Real Associated Solution model
     Ernst, S. and Dzida, M.
     page 25-33
   * Experimental design for model discrimination of thermodynamic models
     Dariva, C., Oliveira, J.V. and Pinto, J.C.
     page 35-50
   * Intermolecular potentials and vapor-liquid phase equilibria of
     perfluorinated alkanes
     Cui, S.T., Siepmann, J.I., Cochran, H.D. and Cummings, P.T.
     page 51-61
   * Description of thermodynamic properties of liquids over wide ranges of
     pressure and temperature
     Rogankov, V.B., Bedrov, D.A., Borodin, O.A., Artemenko, S.V.,
     Aftandilyants, M.S. and Terzey, E.D.
     page 63-72
   * Analytical equation of state for Lennard-Jones mixtures
     Tang, Y. and Lu, B.C.-Y.
     page 73-92
   * A model for correlating the solubility of solids in supercritical CO2
     Minghong, Z., Buxing, H., Jie, K., Yan, Y.H. and Peng, D.
     page 93-102
   * Global phase diagrams of model and real binary fluid mixtures:
     Lorentz-Berthelot mixture of attractive hard spheres
     Kolafa, J., Nezbeda, I., Pavlicek, J. and Smith, W.R.
     page 103-121
   * A technique for preparing thermodynamic property tables using
     incomplete data sets
     Duarte-Garza, H., Holste, J.C., Hall, K.R. and Iglesias-Silva, G.A.
     page 123-137
   * Measurement and prediction of isobaric vapour-liquid equilibrium data
     of the system ethanol + methanol + 2-methoxy-2-methylpropane
     Arce, A., Martinez-Ageitos, J., Rodil, E. and Soto, A.
     page 139-153
   * Densities and excess volumes of pentan-3-one + 1,2-dichloroethane, +
     1,3-dichloropropane, + 1,4-dichlorobutane, + trichloromethane, +
     1,1,1-trichloroethane, + 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane binary mixtures at
     298.15 K
     Teodorescu, M. and Linek, J.
     page 155-160
   * Quaternary liquid-liquid equilibria of systems with two partially
     miscible solvent pairs: 1-octanol + 2-methoxy-2-methylpropane + water
     + ethanol at 25C
     Arce, A., Blanco, M. and Soto, A.
     page 161-173
   * Quaternary liquid-liquid equilibrium: water-phosphoric
     acid-1-butanol-2-butanone at 25C
     Ruiz, F., Galan, M.I. and Boluda, N.
     page 175-185
   * Critical points of mixtures of ethylene and polyethylene wax under
     high pressure
     Heukelbach, D. and Luft, G.
     page 187-195
   * Excess molar volumes of dichloroethane with alkanols at different
     Salas, J.A. and Katz, M.
     page 197-206
   * Thermodynamics of mobile order theory: comparison of experimental and
     predicted anthracene and pyrene solubilities in binary alkane +
     alcohol solvent mixtures
     Borders, T.L., McHale, M.E.R., Powell, J.R., Coym, K.S., Hernandez,
     C.E., Roy, L.E., Acree, W.E. Jr., Williams, D.C. and Campbell, S.W.
     page 207-221
   * Partial molar heat of mixing at infinite dilution in solvent/polymer
     (PEG, PMMA, P(ET-VA)) solutions
     Nam, H.K., Yong, S.W. and Joong, S.C.
     page 223-246
   * Vapour pressures and excess Gibbs energy of propane-2-one +
     chloroalkanes binary mixtures
     Dragoescu, D., Barhala, A. and Vilcu, R.
     page 247-259
   * Experimental solubility and density for 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one +
     C1 to C7 1-alkanols
     Kim, K., Kim, M., Lee, J., Kim, S., Kim, H. and Park, B.
     page 261-268
   * Phase equilibrium measurements in complex systems of fats, fat
     compounds and supercritical carbon dioxide
     Stoldt, J. and Brunner, G.
     page 269-295
   * Distribution of binary mixtures of citric, acetic and oxalic acid
     between water and organic solutions of tri-n-octylamine Part III.
     Organic solvent chloroform
     Kirsch, T. and Maurer, G.
     page 297-313
   * Solubility of pure taxol in supercritical carbon dioxide
     Nalesnik, C.A., Hansen, B.N. and Hsu, J.T.
     page 315-323
   * Phase behavior of poly(1,1-dihydroperfluorooctylacrylate) in
     supercritical carbon dioxide
     Luna-Barcenas, G., Mawson, S., Takishima, S., DeSimone, J.M., Sanchez,
     I.C. and Johnston, K.P.
     page 325-337
   * Clathrate phase equilibria for the water-phenol-methane system
     Kang, S. and Huen, L.
     page 339-349
   * Experimental VLE at 101.32 kPa in binary systems composed of ethyl
     methanoate and alkan-1-ols or alkan-2-ols and treatment of data using
     a correlation with temperature-dependent parameters
     Soto, A., Hernandez, P. and Ortega, J.
     page 351-370
   * Densities and viscosities of the binary mixtures of interest for
     absorption refrigeration systems and heat pumps
     Kumar, S.
     page 371-373
   * Densities and Viscosities of the Binary Mixtures of Interest for
     Absorption Refrigeration Systems and Heat Pumps
     Coronas, A.
     page 375
   * Subject Index
     page 377-378
   * Author Index
     page 379