Fluid Phase Equilibria, 1998, V 143, N 1-2, 31 January.

ISSN 03783812
   * Speeding up the two-phase PT-flash, with applications for calculation
     of miscible displacement
     Michelsen, M.L.
     page 1-12
   * Simulations in ternary hard sphere mixtures
     Sindelka, M. and Boublik, T.
     page 13-27
   * Estimation of the critical constants of heavy hydrocarbons for their
     treatment by the Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation of state
     Soave, G.S.
     page 29-39
   * Thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures of tetrachloromethane +
     n-alcohol by application of the Dispersive Quasi Chemical Model
     Kechavarz, R., Guigue, J.-Ph., Tachoire, H., Kenz, A. and Sbai, K.
     page 41-63
   * Prediction of the critical pressure of hydrocarbon mixtures by using
     the properties of pure substances
     Liu, Z., Zou, J. and Hu, L.
     page 65-69
   * Prediction of vapor-liquid equilibria for asymmetric systems at low
     and high pressures with the PSRK model
     Jiding, L., Fischer, K. and Gmehling, J.
     page 71-82
   * A new combining rule for mixture equations of state: higher order
     composition dependencies reduce to quadratic composition dependence.
     Application to natural gas mixtures
     Luongo-Ortiz, J.F. and Starling, K.E.
     page 83-88
   * A correction to Sandler-Wong mixing rules
     Satyro, M.A. and Trebble, M.A.
     page 89-98
   * Phase behaviour of mixtures containing antibiotics Effect of hydrogen
     bonding on tetracycline partitioning
     Kumar, R., Betageri, G.V. and Gupta, R.B.
     page 99-109
   * Thermodynamic properties of n-alkoxyethanols + organic solvents
     mixtures VIII. Liquid-liquid equilibria of systems containing
     2-methoxyethanol and alkanes (C6H12 and CH3-(CH2)u-CH3, u = 3,4,6,8)
     Rubio, M.A., Gonzalez, J.A., de la Fuente, I.G. and Cobos, J.C.
     page 111-123
   * Vapor-liquid equilibria for the systems propane + m-cresol, propane +
     p-cresol, and propane + m-cresol + p-cresol at high pressures
     Lee, K. and Tan, C.
     page 125-141
   * New applications of the ERAS-Model: excess volumes of binary liquid
     mixtures of 1-alkanols with acetonitrile
     Pina, C.G. and Francesconi, A.Z.
     page 143-152
   * Excess molar Gibbs energies of 2-methylpropan-1-ol with benzene or
     toluene or o- or m- and p-xylene at 308.15 K in terms of an
     association model
     Bhardwaj, U., Maken, S. and Singh, K.C.
     page 153-161
   * Solubilities of 1-propanol and 1,2-propanediol in supercritical carbon
     dioxide. New analytical procedure and measurements
     Chylinski, K. and Gregorowicz, J.
     page 163-172
   * The effects of selected solvents on the relative volatility of a
     binary system consisting of 1-octene and 2-hexanone
     Everson, R.C. and van der Merwe, B.J.
     page 173-184
   * The effect of the addition of water, propane, or docosane on the
     vapour-liquid and solid-fluid equilibria in asymmetric binary n-alkane
     Floter, E., Hollanders, B., de Loos, Th.W. and de Swaan Arons, J.
     page 185-203
   * Phase equilibria of supercritical propane-Fengcheng bitumen system and
     the density and viscosity of the liquid phase
     Buxing, H., Guanying, Y., Jie, K., Can, M. and Haike, Y.
     page 205-211
   * Measurements of heat capacities at constant volume for aqueous salt
     solutions (H2O + NaCl, H2O + KCl and H2O + NaOH) near the critical
     point of pure water
     Abdulagatov, I.M., Dvoryanchikov, V.I., Mursalov, B.A. and Kamalov,
     page 213-239
   * Excess molar volumes and viscosities of binary mixtures of
     2-(2-butoxyethoxy) ethanol with chloroalkanes at 298.15 K
     Pal, A. and Kumar, A.
     page 241-251
   * Viscosities and densities of eight binary 1-alkanol systems at 308.15
     and 313.15 K
     Shan, Z. and Asfour, A.A.
     page 253-262
   * Viscometric properties of multicomponent liquid n-alkane systems
     Wu, J., Shan, Z. and Asfour, A.A.
     page 263-274
   * Subject Index
     page 275-276
   * Author Index
     page 277