European Journal of Mineralogy, 2008, V 20, N 2, March.

Record 1.
TI: Occurrence, composition and growth of polyhedral serpentine
AU: Andreani, Muriel; Grauby, Olivier; Baronnet, Alain; Munoz, Manuel
PG: 159-171(13)

Record 2.
TI: Late seafloor carbonate precipitation in serpentinites 
from the Rainbow and Saldanha sites (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
AU: Ribeiro da Costa, Isabel; Barriga, Fernando J.A.S.; Taylor, Rex N.
PG: 173-181(9)

Record 3.
TI: Al-Si order and spinodal decomposition texture of 
a sanidine from igneous clasts of Stromboli (southern Italy):
insights into the timing between the emplacement of a 
shallow basic sheet intrusion and the eruption of related ejecta
AU: Menna, Michele; Tribaudino, Mario; Renzulli, Alberto
PG: 183-190(8)

Record 4.
TI: Pyrometamorphic osumilite: occurrence, paragenesis, 
and crystal structure as compared to cordierite
AU: Seryotkin, Yurii V.; Sokol, Ella V.; 
Bakakin, Vladimir V.; Likhacheva, Anna Y.
PG: 191-198(8)

Record 5.
TI: Textures and polytypes in vermiform kaolins 
diagenetically formed in a sandstone reservoir: 
a FIB-TEM investigation
AU: Kameda, Jun; Saruwatari, Kazuko; 
Beaufort, Daniel; Kogure, Toshihiro
PG: 199-204(6)

Record 6.
TI: From diagenesis to hydrothermal recrystallization: 
polygenic Sr-rich fluorapatite from the oolitic ironstone of
Saint-Aubin-des-Chateaux (Armorican Massif, France)
AU: Moelo, Yves; Rouer, Olivier; Bouhnik-Le Coz, Martine
PG: 205-216(12)

Record 7.
TI: Cathodoluminescence of silicified trunks from the 
Permo-Carboniferous basins in eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic
AU: Matysova, Petra; Leichmann, Jaromir; 
Grygar, Tomas; Rossler, Ronny
PG: 217-231(15)

Record 8.
TI: X and Q band EPR studies of paramagnetic 
centres in natural and heated tourmaline
AU: Babinska, Joanna; Dyrek, Krystyna; 
Pieczka, Adam; Sojka, Zbigniew
PG: 233-240(8)

Record 9.
TI: Comparison of the structures of natural and 
synthetic Pb-Cu-jarosite-type compounds
AU: Hudson-Edwards, Karen A.; Smith, Adrian M.L.; 
Dubbin, William E.; Bennett, Andrew J.; 
Murphy, Pamela J.; Wright, Kate
PG: 241-252(12)

Record 10.
TI: Re-investigation of the crystal structure 
of magnesium astrophyllite
AU: Sokolova, Elena; Camara, Fernando
PG: 253-260(8)

Record 11.
TI: Uedaite-(Ce), a new member of the epidote 
group with Mn at the A site, from Shodoshima, 
Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
AU: Miyawaki, Ritsuro; Yokoyama, Kazumi; 
Matsubara, Satoshi; Tsutsumi, Yukiyasu; 
Goto, Atsushi
PG: 261-269(9)

Record 12.
TI: Skorpionite, Ca3Zn2(PO4)2CO3(OH)2H2O, 
a new mineral from Namibia: description 
and crystal structure
AU: Krause, Werner; Effenberger, Herta; 
Bernhardt, Heinz-Jurgen; Medenbach, Olaf
PG: 271-280(10)

Record 13.
TI: Pattersonite, PbFe3(PO4)2(OH)4[(H2O)0.5(OH)0.5]2,
a new supergene phosphate mineral: 
description and crystal structure
AU: Kolitsch, Uwe; Bernhardt, Heinz-Jurgen; 
Krause, Werner; Blass, Gunter
PG: 281-288(8)

Record 14.
TI: Surkhobite: revalidation and redefinition
with the new formula, 
(Ba, K)2CaNa(Mn, Fe2+, Fe3+)8Ti4(Si2O7)4O4(F, OH, O)6
AU: Rastsvetaeva, Ramiza K.; Eskova, Evdokiya M.; 
Dusmatov, Vyacheslav D.; Chukanov, Nikita V.; 
Schneider, Frank
PG: 289-295(7)