European Journal of Mineralogy, 2007, V 19, N 6.

Record 1.
TI: The mineralogy of cosmic dust: astromineralogy
AU: Jones, Anthony P.
PG: 771-782(12)

Record 2.
TI: Effect of incongruent dissolution on mineral
solubility data derived from quench experiments
AU: Verlaguet, Anne; Brunet, Fabrice
PG: 783-789(7)

Record 3.
TI: Nucleation kinetics controlled by chemical 
overstepping and its tectonic implications: 
an example from the Sikkim
AU: Chakraborty, Sumit; Dasgupta, Somnath; Neogi, Sudipta
PG: 791-803(13)

Record 4.
TI: Crystal chemistry of synthetic Co- and Ni-analogues
of natrochalcite the shortest known hydrogen bonds among
mineral-type compounds Part I: Single-crystal X-ray structures
AU: Krickl, Robert; Wildner, Manfred
PG: 805-816(12)

Record 5.
TI: Geochemistry of mafic phenocrysts from alkaline 
lamprophyres of the Spanish Central System: 
implications on crystal
fractionation, magma mixing and xenoliths 
entrapment within deep magma chambers
AU: Orejana, David; Villaseca, Carlos; 
Paterson, Bruce A.
PG: 817-832(16)

Record 6.
TI: Response of clastic sediments to episodic 
hydrothermal fluid flows in intramontane 
troughs: a case study from Black Forest, Germany
AU: Schlegel, Andreas; Brockamp, Olaf; Clauer, Norbert
PG: 833-848(16)

Record 7.
TI: The onset and origin of differentiated Rhine 
Graben volcanism based on U-Pb ages and oxygen 
isotopic composition of zircon
AU: Schmitt, Axel K.; Marks, Michael A.W.; 
Nesbor, H. Dieter; Markl, Gregor
PG: 849-857(9)

Record 8.
TI: Source composition and melting temperatures 
of orogenic granitoids: constraints from 
CaO/Na2O, Al2O3/TiO2 and accessory mineral 
saturation thermometry
AU: Jung, Stefan; Pfander, Jorg Albert
PG: 859-870(12)

Record 9.
TI: Petrology of local concentration of 
chromian spinel in dunite from the 
slow-spreading Southwest Indian Ridge
AU: Morishita, Tomoaki; Maeda, Jinichiro; 
Miyashita, Sumio; Kumagai, Hidenori; 
Matsumoto, Takeshi; Dick, Henry J.B.
PG: 871-882(12)

Record 10.
TI: Red lead darkening in wall paintings: 
natural ageing of experimental wall 
paintings versus artificial ageing tests
AU: Aze, Sebastien; Vallet, Jean-Marc; 
Pomey, Monique; Baronnet, Alain; Grauby, Olivier
PG: 883-890(8)

Record 11.
TI: Chukanovite, Fe2(CO3)(OH)2, a new mineral 
from the weathered iron meteorite Dronino
AU: Pekov, Igor V.; Perchiazzi, Natale; 
Merlino, Stefano; Kalachev, Vyacheslav N.; 
Merlini, Marco; Zadov, Aleksandr E.
PG: 891-898(8)

Record 12.
TI: Influence of Fe on hydrogen diffusivity in orthopyroxene
AU: Stalder, Roland; Purwin, Horst; Skogby, Henrik
PG: 899-904(6)