European Journal of Mineralogy, 2007, V 19, N 1.

TI: A new era for the EJM
AU: Chopin, Christian
JN: European Journal of Mineralogy
PG: 5-5(1)

TI: Contrasting response of ThSiO4 and 
monazite to natural irradiation
AU: Seydoux-Guillaume, Anne-Magali; 
Wirth, Richard; Ingrin, Jannick
PG: 7-14(8)

TI: Order and anti-order in olivine III: 
Variation of the cation distribution in the 
Fe,Mg olivine solid solution series
with temperature and composition
AU: Heinemann, Rolf; Kroll, Herbert; 
Kirfel, Armin; Barbier, Bruno
PG: 15-27(13)

TI: Relationship of amphibole composition 
to host-rock geochemistry: the A-type 
gabbro-granite Wentworth pluton, Cobequid
shear zone, eastern Canada
AU: Pe-Piper, Georgia
PG: 29-38(10)

TI: La, Ce, Nd, and Sr behavior in minette 
magmas during crystallization of 
apatite-clinopyroxene-mica paragenesis at
upper-mantle conditions
AU: Pla Cid, Jorge; Nardi, Lauro V. Stoll; 
Campos, Cristiani S.; Gisbert, Pere Enrique; 
Merlet, Claude; Conceicao, Herbet;
Boyer, Bernard
PG: 39-50(12)

TI: Djerfisherite in the Udachnaya-East pipe 
kimberlites (Sakha-Yakutia, Russia): 
paragenesis, composition and origin
AU: Sharygin, Victor V.; Golovin,
Alexander V.; Pokhilenko, Nikolai P.; 
Kamenetsky, Vadim S.
PG: 51-63(13)

TI: A neutron diffraction study of the 
stannite-kesterite solid solution series
AU: Schorr, Susan; Hoebler, Hans-Joachim; 
Tovar, Michael
PG: 65-73(9)

TI: The crystal structures of lavendulan, 
sampleite, and a new polymorph of sampleite
AU: Giester, Gerald; Kolitsch, Uwe; 
Leverett, Peter; Turner, Peter; Williams, Peter A.
PG: 75-93(19)

TI: Fluorcalciobritholite, (Ca,REE)5[(Si,P)O4]3F, 
a new mineral: description and crystal chemistry
AU: Pekov, Igor V.; Pasero, Marco; Yaskovskaya, 
Asiya N.; Chukanov, Nikita V.; Pushcharovsky, 
Dmitry Y.u.; Merlino, Stefano; Zubkova, Natalia V.; 
Kononkova, Natalia N.; Men'shikov, Yury P.; 
Zadov, Aleksandr E.
PG: 95-103(9)

TI: Trace element analysis of belite in hardened 
cement bonded materials using electron 
microprobe analysis
AU: Schimrosczyk, Annette; Koepke, Jurgen; 
Schmidt-Dohl, Frank
PG: 105-112(8)

TI: Relationships between mineralogical composition, 
water absorption and hydric dilatation in the
"Macigno" sandstones
from Lunigiana (Massa, Tuscany)
AU: Franzini, Marco; Leoni, Leonardo; 
Lezzerini, Marco; Cardelli, Roberto
PG: 113-123(11)

TI: Roman quarries of the Iberian peninsula:
"Anasol" and "Anasol"-type
AU: Morbidelli, Paola; Tucci, Patrizia; 
Imperatori, Claudio; Polvorinos, Angel; 
Preite Martinez, Maria; Azzaro, Ettore;
Hernandez, Maria Jesus
PG: 125-135(11)

TI: Mixing and provenance of raw materials 
in the bricks from the Svevian castle of 
Rocca Imperiale (North Calabria, Italy)
AU: Miriello, Domenico; Crisci, Gino Mirocle
PG: 137-144(8)