European Journal of Mineralogy, 2010, V 22, N 5, October.

Record 1.
TI: Mineralogy, environment and health
AU: van Hullebusch, Eric; Rossano, Stephanie
PG: 627-627(1)

Record 2.
TI: House-dust metal content and bioaccessibility: a review
AU: Ibanez, Yves; Le Bot, Barbara; Glorennec, Philippe
PG: 629-637(9)

Record 3.
TI: Health risk assessment for human exposure by direct
ingestion of Pb, Cd, Zn bearing dust in the former
miners' village of Jebel Ressas (NE Tunisia)
AU: Ghorbel, Manel; Munoz, Marguerite; Courjault-Rade, Pierre; 
Destrigneville, Christine; de Parseval, Philippe; Souissi, Radhia; 
Souissi, Fouad; Ben Mammou, Abdallah; Abdeljaouad, Saadi
PG: 639-649(11)

Record 4.
TI: Bioaccessible and quasi-total metals in soil and indoor dust
AU: Le Bot, Barbara; Gilles, Erwann; Durand, Severine; 
Glorennec, Philippe
PG: 651-657(7)

Record 5.
TI: In-cloud alteration of desert-dust matrix and its possible
impact on health: a test in southeastern Anatolia, Turkey
AU: Dogan, Tuba Rastgeldi; Saydam, A. Cemal; 
Yesilnacar, M. Irfan; Gencer, Mehmet
PG: 659-664(6)

Record 6.
TI: Arsenic release from river sediments in a gold-mining 
area (Anllons River basin, Spain): effect of time, 
pH and phosphorous concentration
AU: Rubinos, David; Iglesias, Luz; Devesa-Rey, Rosa; 
Diaz-Fierros, Francisco; Barral, Maria Teresa
PG: 665-678(14)

Record 7.
TI: Multimetallic contamination from Zn-ore smelter: 
solid speciation and potential mobility in riverine 
floodbank soils of the upper Lot River (SW France)
AU: Sivry, Yann; Munoz, Marguerite; Sappin-Didier, Valerie; 
Riotte, Jean; Denaix, Laurence; de Parseval, Philippe; 
Destrigneville, Christine; Dupre, Bernard
PG: 679-691(13)

Record 8.
TI: Ab initio quantum-mechanical calculation of CaCO3 
aragonite at high pressure: thermodynamic properties 
and comparison with experimental data
AU: Ungureanu, Crina Georgeta; Prencipe, Mauro; 
Cossio, Roberto
PG: 693-701(9)

Record 9.
TI: The multistage exhumation history of the Kaghan 
Valley UHP series, NW Himalaya, Pakistan 
from U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar ages
AU: Wilke, Franziska D.H.; O'Brien, Patrick J.; 
Gerdes, Axel; Timmerman, Martin J.; Sudo, Masafumi; 
Khan, M. Ahmed
PG: 703-719(17)

Record 10.
TI: Phase equilibria in quartzitic garnet-kyanite-chloritoid 
micaschist from the Eclogite Zone, Tauern Window, Eastern Alps
AU: Hoschek, Gert; Konzett, Juergen; Tessadri, Richard
PG: 721-732(12)

Record 11.
TI: Software for the assisted determination of the 
structural parameters of mixed-layer phyllosilicates
AU: Plancon, Alain; Roux, Jacques
PG: 733-740(8)

Record 12.
TI: Crystal structure of natural orthorhombic 
Ag0.71Pb1.52Bi1.32Sb1.45S6, a lillianite 
homologue with N = 4; comparison with gustavite
AU: Pazout, Richard; Dusek, Michal
PG: 741-750(10)

Record 13.
TI: Mineralogical study of precolonial (16501850 CE) 
tin smelting slags from Rooiberg, 
Limpopo Province, South Africa
AU: Heimann, Robert B.; Chirikure, Shadreck; 
Killick, David
PG: 751-761(11)