European Journal of Mineralogy, 2017, V 29, N 2.

Continuous description of grain boundaries using crystal
defectfields: the example of a {3 1 0}/[0 0 1] tilt boundary in MgO
Sun, Xiao-Yu; Cordier, Patrick; Taupin, Vincent; 
Fressengeas, Claude; Karki, Bijaya B.
p. 155-165, 

Chlorine incorporation in amphiboles synthesized along
the magnesio-hastingsite–hastingsite compositional join
Mueller, Bailey L.; Jenkins, David M.; Dyar, M. Darby
p. 167-180, 

An inverse modeling approach to obtain P–T conditions of
metamorphic stages involving garnet growth and resorption
Lanari, Pierre; Giuntoli, Francesco; Loury, Chloe; 
Burn, Marco; Engi, Martin
p. 181-199, 

Theoretical Raman spectrum and anharmonicity
of tetrahedral OH defects in hydrous forsterite
Balan, Etienne; Blanchard, Marc; 
Lazzeri, Michele; Ingrin, Jannick
p. 201-212, 

Twinning in olivine group revisited
Azevedo, Samantha; Nespolo, Massimo
p. 213-226, 

Ab initio study of the dolomite to
dolomite-II high-pressure phase transition
Zucchini, Azzurra; Prencipe, Mauro; 
Belmonte, Donato; Comodi, Paola
p. 227-238, 

Jeremejevite as a precursor for olenitic tourmaline: 
consequences of non-classical crystallization 
pathways for composition, textures and B 
isotope patterns of tourmaline
Kutzschbach, Martin; Wunder, Bernd; Meixner, Anette; 
Wirth, Richard; Heinrich, Wilhelm; Franz, Gerhard
p. 239-255, 

Crystal chemistry of tourmalines from the Erongo Mountains, 
Namibia, studied by Raman spectroscopy
Lensing-Burgdorf, Martina; Watenphul, Anke; 
Schluter, Jochen; Mihailova, Boriana
p. 257-267, 

A calorimetric and thermodynamic investigation of the 
synthetic analogue of chalcomenite, CuSeO3·2H2O
Charykova, Marina V.; Lelet, Maxim I.; 
Krivovichev, Vladimir G.; Ivanova, Natalya M.; Suleimanov, Evgeny V.
p. 269-277, 

Ordered distribution of Cu and Ag in the crystal 
structure of balkanite, Cu9 Ag5 HgS8
Biagioni, Cristian; Bindi, Luca
p. 279-285, 

First terrestrial occurrence of the complex phosphate
chladniite: crystal-structure refinement by 
synchrotron through-the-substrate microdiffraction
Vallcorba, Oriol; Casas, Lluis; Colombo, Fernando; 
Frontera, Carlos; Rius, Jordi
p. 287-293, 

Hydroxyferroromeite, a new secondary 
weathering mineral from Oms, France
Mills, Stuart J.; Christy, Andrew G.; 
Rumsey, Mike S.; Spratt, John; Bittarello, Erica; 
Favreau, Georges; Ciriotti, Marco E.; 
Berbain, Christian
p. 307-314, 

Zincostrunzite, ZnFe3+ 2(PO 4) 2(OH) 2· 6.5H2 O, 
a new mineral from the Sitio do Castelo mine, 
Portugal, and the Hagendorf-Sud pegmatite, Germany
Kampf, Anthony R.; Grey, Ian E.; Alves, Pedro; 
Mills, Stuart J.; Nash, Barbara P.; 
MaCrae, Colin M.; Keck, Erich
p. 315-322, 

Dravertite, CuMg(SO4)2, a new mineral species from
the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
Pekov, Igor V.; Zubkova, Natalia V.; 
Agakhanov, Atali A.; Yapaskurt, Vasiliy O.; 
Chukanov, Nikita V.; Belakovskiy, Dmitry I.; 
Sidorov, Evgeny G.; Pushcharovsky, Dmitry Y.
p. 323-330, 

Mianningite, ([], Pb, Ce, Na) (U4+, Mn, U6+) 
Fe3+ 2(Ti, Fe3+)18 O38, a new member of the 
crichtonite group from Maoniuping REE deposit, 
Mianning county, southwest Sichuan, China
Ge, Xiangkun; Fan, Guang; Li, Guowu; 
Shen, Ganfu; Chen, Zhangru; Ai, Yujie
p. 331-338, 

IMA Commission on New Minerals, 
Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC) Newsletter 36
Halenius, Ulf; Hatert, Frederic; 
Pasero, Marco; Mills, Stuart J.
p. 339-344,