European Journal of Mineralogy, 2013, V 25, N 2.

Record 1.
TI: Hydrothermal replacement of Aragonite by Calcite: 
interplay between replacement, fracturing and growth
AU: Perdikouri, Christina; Piazolo, Sandra; 
Kasioptas, Argyrios; Schmidt, Burkhard C.; Putnis, Andrew
PG: 123-136(14)

Record 2.
TI: Vibrational spectra of BaMn(CO3)2 and a re-analysis
of the Raman spectrum of BaMg(CO3)2
AU: Schmidt, Burkhard C.; Gehlken, Peer-Lennart; Bottcher, Michael E.
PG: 137-144(8)

Record 3.
TI: Origin of twist in 'gwindel' quartz crystals from the Alps:
a transmission electron microscopy study
AU: Cordier, Patrick; Heidelbach, Florian
PG: 145-153(9)

Record 4.
TI: Reactions involving famatinite and Fe-Zn tetrahedrite: 
thermochemical evaluation of phase relations in the 
Cu-Fe-Sb-S and Cu-Zn-Sb-S end-member systems
AU: Krismer, Matthias; Tropper, Peter
PG: 155-163(9)

Record 5.
TI: X-ray powder diffraction clustering and 
quantitative phase analysis on historic mortars
AU: Piovesan, Rebecca; Dalconi, Maria Chiara; 
Maritan, Lara; Mazzoli, Claudio
PG: 165-175(11)

Record 6.
TI: Ferrisepiolite: a new mineral from Saishitang copper 
skarn deposit in Xinghai County, Qinghai Province, China
AU: Xiangping, Gu; Xiande, Xie; Xiangbin, Wu; Guchang, Zhu; 
Jianqing, Lai; Kenich, Hoshino; Jiwu, Huang
PG: 177-186(10)

Record 7.
TI: Bastnasite-(Nd), a new Nd-dominant member of the bastnasite
 group from the Stetind pegmatite, Tysfjord, Nordland, Norway
AU: Miyawaki, Ritsuro; Yokoyama, Kazumi; Husdal, Tomas A.
PG: 187-191(5)

Record 8.
TI: Vesuvianite in high-pressure-metamorphosed oceanic lithosphere
 (Raspas Complex, Ecuador) and its role for transport of water 
and trace elements in subduction zones
AU: Halama, Ralf; Savov, Ivan P.; Garbe-Schonberg, Dieter; 
Schenk, Volker; Toulkeridis, Theofilos
PG: 193-219(27)

Record 9.
TI: Eltyubyuite, Ca12Fe3+10Si4O32Cl6 the Fe3+ analogue of wadalite: 
a new mineral from the Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia
AU: Galuskin, Evgeny V.; Galuskina, Irina O.; Bailau, Radu; 
Prusik, Krystian; Gazeev, Viktor M.; Zadov, Aleksandr E.; 
Pertsev, Nikolai N.; Jezak, Lidia; Gurbanov, Anatoly G.; 
Dubrovinsky, Leonid
PG: 221-229(9)

Record 10.
TI: Dzhuluite, Ca3SbSnFe3+3O12, a new bitikleite-group garnet from
 the Upper Chegem Caldera, Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia
AU: Galuskina, Irina O.; Galuskin, Evgeny V.; Kusz, Joachim; 
Dzierzanowski, Piotr; Prusik, Krystian; Gazeev, Viktor M.; 
Pertsev, Nikolai N.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
PG: 231-239(9)

Record 11.
TI: Platinum-group elements-bearing pyrite from the 
Aguablanca Ni-Cu sulphide deposit (SW Spain): a LA-ICP-MS study
AU: Pin, Ruben; Gervilla, Fernando; Barnes, 
Sarah-Jane; Ortega, Lorena; Lunar, Rosario
PG: 241-252(12)