European Journal of Mineralogy, 2014, V 26, N 1.

Record 1.
TI: Editorial
AU: Chopin, Christian
JN: European Journal of Mineralogy
PG: 3-3(1)

Record 2.
TI: The effect of water activity on calculated
 phase equilibria and garnet isopleth thermobarometry
 of granulites, with particular reference to Tongbai
 (east-central China)
AU: Bader, Thomas; Franz, Leander; De Capitani,
Christian; Zhang, Lifei
PG: 5-23(19)

Record 3.
TI: Diffusion-controlled metamorphic reaction textures
in an ultrahigh-pressure impure calcite marble
from Dabie Shan, China
AU: Proyer, Alexander; Rolfo, Franco;
Castelli, Daniele; Compagnoni, Roberto
PG: 25-40(16)

Record 4.
TI: Carbon isotopes and nitrogen contents in placer
diamonds from the NE Siberian craton:
implications for diamond origins
AU: Shatsky, Vladislav S.; Zedgenizov, Dmitry A.;
Ragozin, Alexey L.; Kalinina, Victoria V.
PG: 41-52(12)

Record 5.
TI: Local redox buffering by carbon at low 
pressures and the formation of moissanite natural SiC
AU: Shiryaev, Andrei A.; Gaillard, Fabrice
PG: 53-59(7)

Record 6.
TI: Replacement and ion exchange reactions
of scolecite in a high pH aqueous solution
AU: Dunkel, Kristina G.; Putnis, Andrew
PG: 61-69(9)

Record 7.
TI: Element mobilization during feldspar
metasomatism: an experimental study
AU: Norberg, Nicholas; Harlov, Daniel;
Neusser, Gregor; Wirth, Richard; Rhede, Dieter
PG: 71-82(12)

Record 8.
TI: Magmatic provenance and diagenesis of Miocene
tuffs from the Dinaride Lake System (the Sinj Basin, Croatia)
AU: Segvic, Branimir; Mileusnic, Marta;
Aljinovic, Dunja; Vranjkovic, Alan; Mandic, Oleg; 
Pavelic, Davor; Dragicevic, Ivan; Ferreiro Mahlmann, Rafael
PG: 83-101(19)

Record 9.
TI: Laachite, (Ca,Mn)2Zr2Nb2TiFeO14, a new 
zirconolite-related mineral from the Eifel 
volcanic region, Germany
AU: Chukanov, Nikita V.; Krivovichev, Sergey V.; 
Pakhomova, Anna S.; Pekov, Igor V.; 
Schafer, Christof; Vigasina, Marina F.; 
Van, Konstantin V.
PG: 103-111(9)

Record 10.
TI: Arsenic speciation in danburite (CaB2Si2O8): 
a synchrotron XAS and single-crystal EPR study
AU: Li, Rong; Lin, Jinru; Nilges, Mark J.; 
Chen, Ning; Pan, Yuanming
PG: 113-125(13)

Record 11.
TI: Ab initio investigations of dioctahedral 
interlayer-deficient mica: modelling 1 M 
polymorphs of illite found within gas shale
AU: Geatches, Dawn L.; Wilcox, Jennifer
PG: 127-144(18)

Record 12.
TI: The crystal structure of jasrouxite, 
a Pb-Ag-As-Sb member of the lillianite 
homologous series
AU: Makovicky, Emil; Topa, Dan
PG: 145-155(11)

Record 13.
TI: Synthesis and crystal structure 
of tischendorfite, Pd8Hg3Se9
AU: Laufek, Frantisek; Vymazalova, Anna; 
Drabek, Milan; Navratil, Jiri; Drahokoupil, Jan
PG: 157-162(6)

Record 14.
TI: Mercury-arsenic sulfosalts from Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy). 
I. Routhierite, (Cu0.8Ag0.2)Hg2Tl(As1.4Sb0.6)=2S6, 
from Monte Arsiccio mine: occurrence and crystal structure
AU: Biagioni, Cristian; Bonaccorsi, Elena;
Moelo, Yves; Orlandi, Paolo
PG: 163-170(8)

Record 15.
TI: Ferrihollandite, BaMn4+6Fe3+2O16, from Apuan Alps, 
Tuscany, Italy: description and crystal structure
AU: Biagioni, Cristian; Capalbo, Carmen; 
Lezzerini, Marco; Pasero, Marco
PG: 171-178(8)

Record 16.
TI: Hydrothermal transformations of triphylite
from the Nanping No. 31 pegmatite dyke,
southeastern China
AU: Rao, Can; Wang, Ru Cheng; 
Hatert, Frederic; Baijot, Maxime
PG: 179-188(10)

Record 17.
TI: A multi-technique approach for the
determination of the porous structure of building stone
AU: Barbera, Giovanni; Barone, Germana; 
Crupi, Vincenza; Longo, Francesca; Maisano, Giacomo;
Majolino, Domenico; Mazzoleni, Paolo; 
Raneri, Simona; Teixeira, Jose; Venuti, Valentina
PG: 189-198(10)