ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2004, V 99, N 8, December.

Timing of Gold Mineralization at Red Lake, 
Northwestern Ontario, Canada: New Constraints
from U-Pb Geochronology at the Goldcorp 
High-Grade Zone, Red Lake Mine and at 
the Madsen Mine
B. Dube, K. Williamson, V. McNicoll, 
M. Malo, T. Skulski, T. Twomey, and 
M. Sanborn-Barrie

Deciphering the Complex Fluid History of a
Greenstone-Hosted Gold Deposit: Fluid 
Inclusion and Stable Isotope Studies of the
Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, 
Kevin L. Shelton, Todd A. McMenamy, 
Edmond H.P. van Hess, and Hendrik Falck

Geochronology of the Midas Low-Sulfidation
Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposit, Elko County, Nevada
E. D. Leavitt, T. L. Spell, P. M. Goldstrand, 
and G. B. Arehart

Spatial Distribution Patterns of Sulfur Isotopes, 
Nodular Carbonate and Ore Textures in the 
McArthur River (HYC) Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit, 
Northern Territory, Australia
Tim Ireland, Ross R. Large, 
Peter McGoldrick, and Michael Blake 

Sulfur Isotope Evidence for Magmatic 
Contributions to Submarine and Subaerial
Gold Mineralization: Conical Seamount 
and the Ladolam Gold Deposit, Papua New Guinea
J. Bruce Gemmell, Robina Sharpe,
Ian R. Jonasson, and Peter M. Herzig

Fluid Inclusion Characteristics and 
Genesis of the Fluorite-Parisite Mineralization
in the Snowbird Deposit, Montana
Iain M. Samson, Scott A. Wood, 
and Kevin Finucane

Fluid Evolution in a Subvolcanic Branodiorite
Pluton Related to Fe and Pb-Zn Mineralization,
Banska Stiavnica Ore District, Slovakia
Peter Kodera, Jaroslav Lexa, Andrew H. Rankin,
and Anthony E. Fallick

Post-Collisional Age of the Kumtor Gold Deposit
and Timing of Hercynian Events in the Tien Shan,
Jingwen Mao, Dimitry Konopelko, Reimar Seltmann, 
Bernd Lehmann, Wen Chen, Yitian Wang, 
Olav Eklund, and Toorat Usubaliev

Scientific Communications

Syn- to Late-Tectonic Stockwork Emplacement within the Spanish Section of the Iberian Pyrite Belt: Structural, Textural, and Mineralogical Constraints in the Tharsis-La Zarza Areas Alain Chauvet, Jerome Onezime, Jacques Charvet, Luc Barbanson, and Michel Faure Giant Hydrothermal Hematite Deposits with Mg-Fe Metasomatism: A Comparison of the Carajas, Hamersley and other Iron Ores Hilke Dalstra and Segio Guedes