ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2004, V 99, N 5, August.

Characteristics and Evolution of the Hydrothermal
Fluid in the North Zone High-Grade Area,
Porgera Gold Deposit, Papua New Guinea
E. Ronacher, J. P. Richards, M. H. Reed, 
C. J. Bray, E. T. C. Spooner, and P. D. Adams    
pp. 843-867

Age of the Camaguey Gold-Silver District, 
Cuba: Tectonic Evolution and Preservation
of Epithermal Mineralization in Volcanic Arcs
Stephen E. Kesler, Chris M. Hall, Norman
Russell, Enrique Pinero, Roberto Sanchez C.,
Mireya Perez R., and Jesus Moreira    
pp. 869-886
The Lithographic, Stratigraphic, and Structural
Setting of the Giant Antamina Copper-Zinc
Skarn Deposit, Ancash, Peru
David A. Love, Alan H. Clark, and J. Keith Glover   
pp. 887-916

The Faleme Iron District, Senegal
M. O. Schwartz and F. Melcher    
pp. 917-939

Stress Controls on Intrusion-Related Gold
Lodes: Wonga Gold Mine, Stawell, Western
Lachlan Fold Belt, Southeastern Australia
John McL. Miller and Christopher J. L. Wilson    
pp. 941-963

Plumbotectonic Evolution of the Ossa Morena
Zone, Iberian Peninsula: Tracing the Influence
of Mantle-Crust Interaction in Ore-Forming Processes
Fernando Tornos and Massimo Chiaradia    
pp. 965-985

Scientific Communications

Possible Submarine Advanced Argillic Alteration at the Basin Lake Prospect, Western Tasmania, Australia Nicholas C. Williams and Garry J. Davidson pp. 987-1002 Trace Element Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Felsic Volcanic Rocks Associated with Volcanogenic Massive Cu-Zn-Pb Sulfide Deposits T. R. Hart, H. L. Gibson, and C. M. Lesher pp. 1003-1013 Halogen Variations in the Paleoproterozoic Layered Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions of the East Kimberley, Western Australia: Implications for Platinum Group Element Mineralization Alan E. Boudreau and Dean M. Hoatson pp. 1015-1095 A Textural and Geochemical Guide to the Identification of Hydrothermal Monazite: Criteria for Selection of Samples for Dating Epigenetic Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Eva S. Schandl and Michael P. Gorton pp. 1027-1035