ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2004, V 99, N 4, June- July.

The Late Cretaceous Donlin Creek Gold Deposit, 
Southwestern Alaska: Controls on Epizonal Ore Formation
Richard J. Goldfarb, Robert Ayuso, Marti L. Miller, 
Shane W. Ebert, Erin E. Marsh, Scott A. Petsel, 
Lance D. Miller, Dwight Bradley, Craig Johnson,
and William McClelland

40Ar-39Ar and Re-Os Geochronology of Porphyry 
Copper-Molybdenum Deposits and Related 
Copper-Silver Veins in the Collahuasi District, 
Northern Chile
Glenton J. Masterman, David R. Cooke, Ron F. Berry, 
Alan H. Clark, Douglas A. Archibald, Ryan Mathur, 
John L. Walshe, and Manuel Duran

The Gandy and Abolhassani Epithermal Prospects 
in the Alborz Magmatic Arc, Semnan Province, Northern Iran
Gholam Hossein Shamanian, Jeffrey W. Hedenquist, 
Keiko H. Hattori, and Jamshid Hassanzadeh

Ad Duwayhi, Saudi Arabia: Geology and Geochronology 
of a Neoproterozoic Intrusion-Related Gold System in Arabian Shield
Jeff L. Doebrich, Stephen G. Zahony, James D. Leavitt, 
Jose S. Portacio, Jr., Alim A. Siddiqui, Joseph L. Wooden, 
Robert J. Fleck, and Holly J. Stein

The Role of a Transcrustal Shear Zone in Orogenic Gold
Mineralization at the Ajjanahalli Mine, Dharwar Craton, South India
Jochen Kolb, Andre Hellmann, Amanda Rogers, 
Sven Sindern, Torsten Vennemann, Michael E. Bottcher, 
and F. Michael Meyer

Controls on Skarn Mineralization and Alteration at the Cadia 
Deposits, New South Wales, Australia
David B. Forster, Philip K. Seccombe, and David Phillips

Formation of a Paleothermal Anomaly and Disseminated 
Gold Deposits Associated with the Bingham Canyon 
Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo System, Utah
Charles G. Cunningham, Gerry W. Austin, Charles W. Naeser, 
Robert O. Rye, Geoffrey H. Ballantyne, Robert G. Stamm, 
and Charles E. Barker

Scientific Communications

Shear Zone-Hosted Polymetallic Sulfides in the South Limousin Area, Massif Central, France: Remobilized Sulfide Deposits Related to Variscan Collisional Tectonics and Amphibolite Facies Metamorphism Jean-Philippe Bellot Fluid Inclusion and Isotope Evidence for the Origin of the Upton Ba-Zn-Pb Deposit, Quebec Appalachians, Canada Suzanne Paradis, Guoxiang Chi, and Denis Lavoie