ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2003, V 98, N 6, September-October.

A Special Issue Devoted to Gold Deposits in Northern Nevada: Part 2
Guest Editors: A. H. Hofstra, D. A. John, and T. G. Theodore

A Special Issue Devoted to Gold Deposits in Northern Nevada: Part 2. Carlin-type Deposits Preface Albert H. Hofstra, David A. John, and Ted G. Theodore Origin of High-Grade Ore, Source of Ore Fluid Components, and Genesis of the Meikle and Neighboring Carlin-Type Deposits, Northern Carlin Trend, Nevada Poul Emsbo, Albert H. Hofstra, Eric A. Lauha, Gregory L. Griffin, and Richard W. Hutchinson pp. 1069-1105 Geology and Geochemistry of the Deep Star Gold Deposit, Carlin Trend, Nevada Dean G. Heitt, W. Warren Dunbar, Tommy B. Thompson, and Robert G. Jackson pp. 1107-1135 Evaluation of the Role of Sulfidation in Deposition of Gold, Screamer Section of the Betze-Post Carlin-Type Deposit, Nevada Stephen E. Kesler, John Fortuna, Zaojun Ye, Jeffrey C. Alt, Daniel P. Core, Pamela Zohar, Jeff Borhauer, and Stephen L. Chryssoulis pp. 1137-1157 Timing Constraints of Gold Mineralization along the Carlin Trend Utilizing Apatite Fission-Track, 40Ar/39Ar, and Apatite (U-Th)/He Methods A. M. Chakurian, G. B. Arehart, R. A. Donelick, X. Zhang, and P. W. Reiners pp. 1159-1171 Structural Controls on Carlin-Type Gold Mineralization in the Gold Bar District, Eureka County, Nevada Ozcan Yigit, Eric P. Nelson, Murray W. Hitzman, and Albert H. Hofstra pp. 1173-1188 Lead in the Getchell-Turquoise Ridge Carlin-Type Gold Deposits from the Perspective of Potential Igneous and Sedimentary Rock Sources in Northern Nevada: Implications for Fluid and Metal Sources R. M. Tosdal, J. S. Cline, C. Mark Fanning, and J. L. Wooden pp. 1189-1211 Source of Iron for Sulfidation and Gold Deposition, Twin Creeks Carlin-Type Deposit, Nevada John Fortuna, Stephen E. Kesler, and David P. Stenger pp. 1213-1224 Alligator Ridge District, East-Central Nevada: Carlin-Type Gold Mineralization at Shallow Depths Constance J. Nutt and Albert H. Hofstra pp. 1225-1241 Origin and Significance of Postore Dissolution Collapse Breccias Cemented with Calcite and Barite at the Meikle Gold Deposit, Northern Carlin Trend, Nevada Poul Emsbo and Albert H. Hofstra pp. 1243-1252