ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2003, V 98, N 5, August.

The Nickeliferous Late Archean Reliance Komatiitic Event in the Zimbabwe Craton
- Magmatic Architecture, Physical Volcanology and Ore Genesis 
M. D. Prendergast    
pp. 865-891

A Metamorphosed Proterozoic Carbonaceous Shale-Hosted Co-Ni-Cu Deposit at Kalumbila,
Kabompo Dome: The Copperbelt Ore Shale in Northwestern Zambia
Nick Steven and Richard Armstrong    
pp. 893-909

Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb Deposits in the Upper Silesia, Poland: Origin and Evolution
of Mineralizing Fluids and Constraints on Genetic Models
Wouter Heijlen, Phillipe Muchez, David A. Banks, Jens Schneider, and Henryk Kucha    
pp. 811-932

Geochemistry of the Fluids Related to Epigenetic Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb Deposits
in the Maestrat Basin, Eastern Spain: Fluid Inclusion and Isotope (Cl, C, O, S, Sr) Evidence
Fidel Grandia, Esteve Cardellach, Angels Canals, and David A. Banks    
pp. 933-954

Mineralization and Fluid Inclusion Study of the Shizhuyuan W-Sn-Bi-Mo-F Skarn
Deposit, Hunan Province, China 
Huan-Zhang Lu, Yimao Liu, Changlie Wang, Youzhi Xu, and Huaqin Li    
pp. 955-974

Changing Pliocene Sea Levels and the Formation of Heavy Mineral Beach Placers
in the Murray Basin, Southeastern Australia
Peter S. Roy and John Whitehouse    
pp. 975-983

Depositional Placer Accumulations in Coarse-Grained Alluvial 
Braided River Systems
J.P. Burton and Philip Fralick    
pp. 985-1001

Utility of High-Altitude Infrared Spectral Data in Mineral 
Exploration: Application to Northern Patagonia Mountains, Arizona
Byron R. Berger, Trude V. V. King, Laurie C. Morath, and Jeffrey D. Phillips    
pp. 1003-1018

Scientific Communications

Mapping Hydrothermally Altered Rocks at Cuprite, Nevada, Using the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER), a New Staellite-Imaging System Lawrence C. Rowan, Simon J. Hook, Michael J. Abrams, and John C. Mars pp. 1019-1027 Ages of Epithermal Deposits in Mexico: Regional Significance and Links with the Evolution of Tertiary Volcanism Antoni Camprubi, Luca Ferrari, Michael A. Cosca, Esteve Cardellach, and Angels Canals pp. 1029-1037 The Evolution of Tungsten Sources in Crustal Mineralization from Archean to Tertiary Inferred from Lead Isotopes Massimo Chiaradia pp. 1039-1045