ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2003, V 98, N 4, June-July.

A Special Issue Devoted to Non-Sulfide Zinc Deposits
Guest Editors: D. F. Sangster

Non-Sulfide Zinc Deposits: A New Look. Introduction D. F. Sangster Classification, Genesis, and Exploration Guides for Non-Sulfide Zinc Deposits Murray W. Hitzman, Neal A. Reynolds, D. F. Sangster, Cameron R. Allen, and Cris E. Carman Non-Sufide Zinc Mineralization in Europe: An Overview Maria Boni and Duncan Large The "Calamine" of Southwest Sardinia: Geology, Mineralogy, and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Supergene Zn Mineralization Maria Boni, H. Albert Gilg, Gaspare Aversa, and Giuseppina Balassone Geology of the Skorpion Supergene Zinc Deposit, Southern Namibia Gregor Borg, Katrin Karner, Mike Buxton, Richard Armstrong, and Schalk W. van der Merwe The Padaeng Supergene Zinc Deposit, Mae Sod, Thailand Neal A. Reynolds, Tony W. Chisnall, Kriangsak Kaewsang, Chanan Keesaneyabutr, and Taksorn Taksavasu The Shaimerden Supergene Zinc Deposit, Kazakhstan: A Preliminary Examination M.B. Boland, J.G. Kelly, and C. Schaffalitzky Geology of the Beltana Willemite Deposit, Flinders Ranges, South Australia Iain M. Groves, Cris E. Carmen, and W. James Dunlap Formation of Willemite in Hydrothermal Environments Joel Brugger, D. C. McPhail, Malcolm Wallace, and John Waters Geochemistry of the Furnace Magnetite Bed, Franklin, New Jersey, and the Relationship between Stratiform Iron Oxide Ores and Stratiform Zinc Oxide/Silicate Ores in the New Jersey Highlands Craig A. Johnson and Brian J. Skinner