ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2003, V 98, N 3, May.

Invisible Gold and Tellurium in Arsenic-Rich Pyrite from the Emperor
Gold Deposit, Fiji: Implications for Gold Distribution and Deposition
David W. Pals, Paul G. Spry, and Stephen Chryssoulis

Geochemistry and Origin of the Intrusive Hosts of the Noril'sk-Talnakh
Cu-Ni-PGE Sulfide Deposits
N.T. Arndt, G.K. Czamanske, R.J. Walker, C. Chauvel, and V.A. Fedorenko

Fluid Inclusion and Nobel Gas Studies of the Dongping Gold Deposit, 
Hebei Province, China: A Mantle Connection for Mineralization?
Jingwen Mao, Yinqing Li, Richard Goldfarb, Zhang Zhaochong, and Ying He

Geochemical and Oxygen Isotope Signature of Seafloor Alteration
Associated with a Polydeformed and Highly Metamorphosed Massive
Sulfide Deposit, Ruostesuo, Central Finland
Michael D. Roberts, Nicholas H. S. Oliver, Martin C. Fairclough,
Pentti S. Ho"ltta", and Raimo Lahtinen

Tectonic Environment of Shale-hosted Massive Sulfide Pb-Zn-Ag
Deposits of Proterozoic Northeastern Australia
Peter G. Betts, David Giles, and Gordon S. Lister

Geology and Metallogenic Evolution of the Polymetallic Deposits
of the Alcudia Valley Mineral Field, Eastern Sierra Morena, Spain
F. J. Palero, R. A. Both, A. Arribas, A. J. Boyce, J. Mangas, and A. Martin-Izard

Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Copper Carbonates at the Northwes
t Extension Deposit, Morenci District, Arizona: Implications for
Conditions of Supergene Oxidation and Related Mineralization
Erik B. Melchiorre and M. Stephen Enders

Crystalline Placer Gold from the Rio Neuquen, Argentina:
Implications for the Gold Budget in Placer Gold Formation
A. J. McCready, J. Parnell, and L. Castro

Scientific Communications
Sulfur Isotopic Exchange and Metal Enrichment in the Formation of Magmatic Cu-Ni-(PGE) Deposits Edward M. Ripley and Chusi Li Native Gold in a Hawaiian Alkalic Magma T. W. Sisson A New Fossil Vent Biota in the Ballynoe Barite Deposit, Silvermines, Ireland: Evidence for Intracratonic Seafloor Hydrothermal Activity around 352 Million Years Ago Adrian J. Boyce, Crispin T. S. Little, and Michael J. Russell dD Values of Fluid Inclusion Water In Quartz and Calcite Ejecta from Active Geothermal Systems: Do Values Reflect Those of Original Hydrothermal Water? Kevin Faure
Re-Os Dating of Polymetallic Ni-Mo-PGE-Au Mineralixation in Lower Cambrian Black Shales of South China and its Geological Significance - A Discussion Raymond M. Coveney Jr. Re-Os Dating of Polymetallic Ni-Mo-PGE-Au Mineralixation in Lower Cambrian Black Shales of South Chin and its Geological Significance - A Reply Bernd Lehmann, Jingwen Mao, Shengrong Li, Guangdi Zhang, and Mingguo Zeng