ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2003, V 98, N 2, March-April.

A Special Issue Devoted to the Gold Deposits in Northern Nevada
Guest Editors: D. A. John, T. G. Theodore, and A. H. Hofstra,

Evaluation of Radioisotope Dating of Carlin-Type Deposits in the Great Basin, Western North America, and Implications for Deposit Genesis G. B. Arehart, A. M. Chakurian, D. R. Tretbar, J. N. Christensen, B. A. McInnes, and R. A. Donelick Crustal Structure in the Elko-Carlin Region, Nevada, during Eocene Gold Mineralization: Ruby-East Humboldt Metamorphic Core Complex as a Guide to the Deep Crust Keith A. Howard Geophysical and Isotopic Constraints on Crustal Structure Related to Mineral Trends in North-Central Nevada and Implications for Tectonic History V. J. S. Grauch, Brian D. Rodriquez, and Joseph L. Wooden Applied Geochemistry, Geology, and Mineralogy of the Northernmost Carlin Trend, Nevada Ted G. Theodore, Boris B. Kotlyar, Donald A. Singer, Vladimir I. Berger, Earl W. Abbott, and Andrea L. Foster Biostratigraphy and Structure of Paleozoic Host Rocks and Their Relation to Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in the Jerritt Canyon Mining District, Nevada Stephen G. Peters, Augustus K. Armstrong, Anita G. Harris, Robert L. Oscarson, and Paula J. Nobel The Tuscarora Au-Ag District: Eocene Volcanic-Hosted Epithermal Deposits in the Carlin Gold Region, Nevada Stephen B. Castor, David R. Boden, Christopher D. Henry, Jean S. Cline, Albert H. Hofstra, William C. McIntosh, Richard M. Tosdal, and Joseph P. Wooden Epithermal Alteration and Mineralization in the Comstock District, Nevada Donald M. Hudson Structural Localization and Origin Of Compartmentalized Fluid Flow, Comstock Lode, Virginia City, Nevada Byron R. Berger, Joseph V. Tingley, and Lawrence J. Drew Geology of the Ivanhoe Hg-Au District, Northern Nevada: Influence of Miocene Volcanism, Lakes, and Active Faulting on Epithermal Mineralization Alan R. Wallace Geologic Setting and Genesis of the Mule Canyon Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Gold- Silver Deposit, North-Central Nevada David A. John, Alberta H. Hofstra, Robert J. Fleck, Jon E. Brummer, and Eric C. Saderholm