ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2003, V 98, N 1, Jan-Feb.

Gold Deposits in Metamorphic Belts: Overview of Current Understanding, 
Outstanding Problems, Future Research, and Exploration Significance
David I. Groves, Richard J. Goldfarb, Franc,ois Robert, and  Craig J.R. Hart

Source or sink?  An Assessment of the Role of the Old Red Sandstone in the 
Genesis of the Irish Zn-Pb Deposits
C. E. Everett, D. M. Rye, and R. M. Ellam
Unravelling the Geologic History of the Hemlo Archean Gold Deposit, Superior 
Province, Canada: A U-Pb Geochronological Study
Donald W. Davis and Shoufa Lin
Compositional Variations of Olivine and Sulfur Isotopes in the Noril'sk and 
Talnakh Intrusions, Siberia: Implications for Ore Forming Processes in Dynamic 
Magma Conduits
Chusi Li,  Edward M. Ripley, and Anthony J. Naldrett
The Chromite Deposit of the Ipueira-Medrado Sill, Sao Francisco Craton, Bahia 
State, Brazil
Juliana Charao Marques and Cesar Fonseca Ferreira Filho
Metamorphic Origin of Ore-Forming Fluids for Orogenic Gold-Quartz Vein Systems 
in the North American Cordillera:  Constraints from a Reconnaissance Study of  
d15N, dD, and d18O
Yiefei Jia, Robert Kerrich, and Richard Goldfarb
The Yulong Himalayan Porphyry Copper Belt: Product of Large-Scale Strike-Slip 
Faulting in Eastern Tibet
Hou Zengqian, Ma Hongwen, Khin Zaw, Zhang Yuquan, Wang Mingjie, Wang Zeng,
Pan Guitang, and Tang Renli
Formation of Anhydrous and Hydrous Skarn in Cu-Au Ore Deposits by Magmatic 
L. D. Meinert, J. W. Hedenquist, H. Satho, and Y. Matsuhisa

Scientific Communications
Non-Redox Transformations of Magnetite-Hematite in Hydrothermal Systems Hiroshi Ohmoto A Sulfur, Carbon, Oxygen, and Strontium Isotope Study of the Volcanic-Hosted El Soldado Manto-Type Copper Deposit, Chile: The Essential Role of Bacteria and Petroleum Nicholas S. F. Wilson, Marcos Zentilli, and Baruch Spiro Os-Os Dating of Copper and Molybdenum Deposits Along the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River, China Weidong Sun, Zhi Xie, Jiangfeng Chen, Xun Zhang, Zifang Chai, Andao Du, Junshen Zhao, Chenghuo Zhang, and Taofa Zhou Oxygen Isotope Study of Metamorphosed Manganese Deposits of the Noda-Tamagawa Mine, Northeast Japan Ken-ichiro Hayashi and Mohammed El Rhazi