ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2002, V 97, N 7, November.

A Special Issue Devoted to the Mineral Deposits of the Sudbury Structure
Mike Lesher and Phil Thurston, Guest Editors

C. M. Lesher and  P.C. Thurston

Geology, Mineralization, and Emplacement of the Foy Offset Dike, Sudbury Impact 
M. G. Tuchscherer and J. G. Spray

Geology, Mineralization, and Emplacement of the Whistle-Parkin Offset Dike, Sudbury
A. J. Murphy and J. G. Spray

Geology, Geochemistry, and Mineralogy of the Worthington Offset Dyke: A Genetic 
Model for Offset Mineralization in the Sudbury Igneous Complex
Peter C. Lightfoot and Catharine E. G. Farrow

Emplacement of Sulfide Deposits in the Copper Cliff Offset Dike during Collapse 
of the Sudbury Crater Rim: Evidence from Magnetic Fabric Studies
Ronald G. Scott and Keith Benn

PGE-Co-Ni-Fe Sulfarsenides and Mineral Paragenesis in Some Cu-Ni-PGE Deposits, 
Copper Cliff North Area, Sudbury, Canada
Krisztia'n Szentpe'teri, David H. Watkinson, Ferenc Molna'r, and Peter C. Jones

Mineralogy of Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide Ore in the 800 and 810 Orebodies, Copper Cliff 
South Mine and Pressure-Tempature-X Conditions during the Formation of Platinum 
Group Minerals
Z. Magyarosi, D. H. Watkinson, and P. C. Jones

An Analysis of Compositional Variations and Spatial Relations within Fe-Ni-Cu 
Sulfide Deposits on the North Range of the Sudbury Igneous Complex
A. E. Beswick

Chlorine and Alkali Geochemical Halos in the Footwall Breccia and Sublayer 
Norite at the Margin of the Strathcona Embayment, Sudbury Structure, Ontario
K. A. McCormick, C. M. Lesher, A. M. McDonald, J. S. Fedorowich, and R. S. James

The Sudbury Igneous Complex: A Differentiated Impact Melt Sheet
Ann M. Therriault, Anthony D. Fowler, and Richard A. F. Grieve

Vitric Compositions in the Onaping Formation and their Relationship to the 
Sudbury Igneous Complex, Sudbury Structure
D. E. Ames, J. P. Golightly, P. C. Lightfoot, and H. L. Gibson

Late-Stage Sulfide Liquid Mobility in the Main Mass of the Sudbury Igneous 
Complex: Examples from the Victor Deep, McCreedy East and Trillabelle Deposits
James E. Mungall

The East Bull Lake Intrusive Suite: Remnants of a ~2.48 Ga Large Igneous and 
Metallogenic Province in the Sudbury Area of the Canadian Shield
R. S. James, R. M. Easton, D. C. Peck, and J. L. Hrominchuk