ECONOMIC GEOLOGY and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists,
2002, V 97, N 6, September-October.

Red-Bed Hosted Oncolitic Manganese Ore of the Paleoproterozoic Southpansberg 
Group, Bronkhorstfontein, South Africa
J. Gutzmer, M. O. Schaefer, and N. J. Beukes 

Reduced and Oxidized Au-Cu-Bi Iron-Oxide Deposits of the Tennant Creek Inlier, 
Australia: An Integrated Geologic and Chemical Model 
Roger G. Skirrow and John L. Walshe 

Hydrothermal Fluid Cvolution within the Cadillac Tectonic Zone, Abitibi 
Greenstone Belt, Canada: Relationship to Auriferous Fluids in Adjacent Second- 
and Third-Order Shear Zones 
Peter Neumayr and Steffan G. Hagemann 

Fluid Chemical Evolution as a Factor in Controlling the Distribution of Gold at 
the Archean Golden Crown Lode-Gold Deposit, Murchison Province, Western Australia 
Takeshi Uemoto, John Ridley, Ed Mikucki, David I. Groves, and Minoru Kusakabe 

Mobilization of Gold as a Polymetallic Melt during Pelite Anatexis at the 
Challenger Deposit, South Australia: A Metamorphosed Archean Gold Deposit 
Andrew G. Tomkins and John A. Mavrogenes 

Evolution of the Breccia-Hosted Prophyry-Cu-Mo-Au Deposit at Agua Rica, 
Argentina: Progressive Unroofing of a Magmatic-Hydrothermal System 
Marianne R. Landtwing, Eric D. Dillenbeck, Martin H. Leake, and Christoph A. 

The Distribution of Platinum Group Elements in the Insizwa Lobe, Mount Ayliff 
Complex, South Africa:  Implications for Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide Exploration in the
Karoo Igneous Province 
W. D. Maier, J. S. Marsh, Sarah-Jane Barnes, and D. C. Dodd 

Paragneiss Assimilation in the Genesis of Magmatic Ni-Cu-Co Sulfide 
Mineralization at Voisey's Bay, Labrador: d34S, d13C, and Se/S Evidence 
Edward M. Ripley, Chusi Li, and Dongbok Shin 

Geochemical Modeling of ZnS in Biofilms: An Example of Ore Depositional 
G. K. Druschel, M. Labrenz, T. Thomsen-Ebert, D. A. Fowle, and J. F. Banfield 

Scientific Communication
Cinnabar Deposition in Submarine Coastal Hydrothermal Vents, Pacific Margin of Central Mexico R.M. Prol-Ledesma,, J. C. Melgarejo, G. Tolson, M. A. Rubio-Ramos, J. C. Cruz- Ocampo, D. F. A. Ortega-Osorio, M. A. Torres-Vera, and A. Reyes An Evaluation of Fluid Inclusion Microthermometric Data for Orpiment-Realgar- Calcite-Barite-Gold Mineralization at the Betze and Carlin Mines, Nevada John A. Groff, Andrew R. Campbell, and David I. Norman