Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 2002, V 97, N 5, August.

Genesis of the Auriferous C Quartz-Tourmaline Vein of the Sisco Mine, Val D'Or 
District, Abitibi Subprovince, Canada:  Structural, Mneralogical and Fluid
Inclusion Constraints 
Gema Ribeiro Olivo and Anthony E. Williams-Jones 

Timing and Structural Controls on Gold Mineralization at the Bogoso Gold Mine, 
Ghana, West Africa 
A. Allibone, J. Teasdal, G. Cameron, M. Etheridge, P. Uttley, A. Soboh,
J.  Appiah-Kubi, A. Adanu, R. Arthur, J. Mamphey, B. Odoom, J. Zuta, A. Tsikata, 
F. Pataye, S. Famiyeh, and E. Lamb 

Miocene Landscape Evolution and Geomorphologic Controls on Epithermal Processes 
in the El Indio - Pascua Au-Ag-Cu Belt, Chile and Argentina 
Thomas Bissig, Alan H. Clark, James K. W. Lee,  and C. Jay Hodgson 

Paleomagmatism of the Navan Zn-Pb Deposit, Ireland 
D. T. A. Symons, M. T. Smethurst, and J. H. Ashton 

Canadian Cordilleran Mississippi Valley-Type Deposits: A Case for Devonian-
Mississippian Backarc Hydrothermal Origin 
JoAnne Nelson, Suzanne Paradis, John Christenesen, and Janet Gabites 

A New Occurrence of Merensky Reef on the Flanks of the Zaaikloof Dome, 
Northeastern Bushveld Complex: Relationship between Diapirism and Magma
Roger N. Scoon 

Re-Os Dating of Polymetallic Ni-Mo-PGE-Au Mineralization in Lower Cambrian Black 
Shales of South China and Its Geological Significance 
Jingwen Mao, Bernd Lehmann, Andao Du, Guandi Zhang, Dongsheng Ma, Yitian Wang, 
Mingguo Zeng, and Robert Kerrich 
Genesis of the Dogankuzu and Mortas Bauxite Deposits, Taurides, Turkey: 
Separation of Al, Fe and Mn and Implications for Passive Margin Metallogeny 
Huseyin Öztürk, James Hein, and Nurullah Hanilci 

Magmatic Degassing of Volatiles and Ore Metals into a Hydrothermal System on the 
Modern Sea Floor of the Eastern Manus Back-Arc Basin, Western Pacific 
Kaihui Yang and Steven D. Scott 

Scientific Communication
New Field Evidence Bearing on the Origin of the El Laco Magnetite Deposit, Northern Chile Richard H. Sillitoe and David R. Burrows Emplacement Depth and Carbon Dioxide-Rich Fluid Inclusions in Intrusion-Related Gold Deposits T. Baker First Occurrence of Ilvaite in a Au Skarn Deposit Marta B. Franchini, Lawrence D. Meinert, and Jorge M. Valles The Serra Pelada Au-Pd-Pt Deposit, Carajás Mineral Province, Northern Brazil: Reconnaissance Mineralogy and Chemistry of Very High-Grade Palladian Gold Mineralization A. R. Cabral, B. Lehmann, R. Kwitko, and C. H. Cravo Costa