ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2002, V 97, N 3, May.

Hydrothermal Fluid Origins in a Fluorite-Rich Mississippi Valley-Type Deposit: 
Combined Noble Gas (He, Ar, Kr) and Halogen (Cl, Br, I) Analysis of Fluid 
Inclusions from the South Pennine Orefield, U.K.
M. Kendrick, R. Burgess, R. A. D. Pattrick, and G. Turner

Hydrothermal Fluid Origins in Mississippi Valley-Type Ore Deposits:  Noble Gas 
(He, Ar, Kr) and Halogen (Cl, Br, I) Evidence from the Illinois-Kentucky 
Fluorspar District, Viburnum Trend and Tri-State District, Mid-Continent, U.S.A.
M. A. Kendrick, R. Burgess, D. Leach, and R. A. D. Pattrick

Constraints on the Origins of Fluids Forming Irish Zn-Pb-Ba Deposits: Evidence 
from the Composition of Fluid Inclusions
D. A. Banks, A. J. Boyce, I. M. Samson
The Hishikari Au-Ag Epithermal Deposit, Japan: Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope 
Evidence in Determining the Source of Paleohydrothermal Fluids
K. Faure, Y. Matsuhisa, H. Metsugi, C. Mizota, and S. Hayashi
Nukundamite (Cu3.38Fe0.62S4)-Bearing Copper Ore in the Bingham Porphyry Deposit, 
Utah:  Result of Upflow through Quartzite
E. Esra Inan and Marco T. Einaudi
The Archean Cu-Zn, Magnetite-Rich Gossan Hill Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide 
Deposit, Western Australia: Genesis of a Transitional Sulfide Magnetite System
R. Sharpe and B. Gemmell
Geochronological Constrains on Pre-, Syn- and Post-Mineralization Events at the 
World-Class Cleo Gold Deposit, Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia
S. M. Brown, I. R. Fletcher, H. J. Stein, L. W. Snee, and D. I. Groves
Supergene Alteration of Primary Ore Assemblages from Low-Sulfidation Au-Ag 
Epithermal Deposits (Pongkor, Indonesia; Nazareno, Peru)
C. Greffie, L. Bailly, and J.-P. Milesi
Origin of a Dolomite-Related Jade Deposit at Chuncheon, Korea
Tzen-Fu Yui and Sung-Tack Kwon
Pyrite-Hosted Fluid Inclusions
S. Lindaas, Campbell Kulis

Scientific Communications

40Ar/39Ar Dating of Hydrothermal Biotite from High-Grade Gold Mineralization, Tangier Gold Deposit, Nova Scotia: Further Evidence for 370 Ma Gold Metallogeny in the Meguma Terrane Daniel J. Kontak and Douglas Archibald Application of High-Field-Strength Elements to Discriminate Tectonic Settings in Volcanic Massive Sulfide Environments E. Schandl and M. Gorton Petrology and Geochemistry of the Least-Altered Banded Iron-Formation of the Archean Carajas Formation, Northern Brazil C. Klein and E. Ladeira Cementation, Hydrothermal Alteration and Zn-Pb Mineralization of Carbonate Breccias in the Irish Midlands: Textural Evidence from the Cooleen Zone, near Silvermines, County Tipperary M. Lee and J. Wilkinson