ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2002, V 97, N 2, March-April.

Geology of a Major New Porphyry Copper Center in the Superior (Pioneer) 
District, Arizona
Scott L. Manske and  Alex H. Paul

Clay Mineralogy of Phyllic and Intermediate Argillic Alteration at Bingham,
W. T. Parry, Mark Jasumback, and Paula N. Wilson

Shrimp U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar Age Constraints for Relating Plutonism and 
Mineralization in the Boulder Batholith Region, Montana
Karen Lund, John N. Aleinikoff, Michael J. Kunk, Daniel M. Unruh,
Gregory D. Zeihen, Wendy C. Hodges, Edward A. du Bray, and J. Michael O'Neill
The Waihi Epithermal Gold-Silver-Base Metal Sulfide-Quartz Vein System, New 
Zealand: Temperature and Salinity Controls on Electrum and Sulfide Deposition
Robert L. Brathwaite and Kevin Faure
Host Rock and Structural Controls on the Nature and Timing of Gold 
Mineralization at the Holloway Mine, Abitibi Subprovince, Ontario
J. R. Ropchan, B. Luinstra, K. Benn, J. Ayer, B. Berger, R. Dahn, R. Labine,
Y. Amelin, and A. D. Fowler
A Single Late-Orogenic Permian Episode of Gold Mineralization in the Hodgkinson 
Province, North Queensland, Australia
Brett K. Davis, Chris C. Bell, Mark Lindsay, and Robert A. Henderson
The Magdala Lode System, Stawell, Southeastern Australia:  Structural Style and 
Relationship to Gold Mineralization across the Western Lachlan Fold Belt
John McL. Miller and Christopher J. L. Wilson
The Relative Roles of Folding and Faulting in Controlling Gold Mineralization 
along the Deborah Anticline, Bendigo, Victoria,  Australia
Peter M. Schaubs and Christopher J. L. Wilson
Re-Os Model for the Origin of Sulfide Deposits in Anorthosite-Associated 
Intrusive Complexes
Judith L. Hannah and Holly J. Stein
Experimental Constraints on the Sulfide- and Chromite-Silicate Melt Partitioning 
Behavior of Rhenium and Platinum-Group Elements
Parisa Sattari, James M. Brenan, Ingo Horn, and William F. McDonough

Zr-Nb-REE Mineralization in Peralkaline Granites from the Amis Complex, 
Brandberg (Namibia): Evidence for Magmatic Pre-Enrichment from Melt Inclusions
Alex K. Schmitt, Robert B. Trumbull, Peter Dulski and Rolf Emmermann

Scientific Communication

Infrared Microthermometry and Chemistry of Wolframite from the Baia Sprie Epithermal Deposit, Romania Laurent Bailly, Luminita Grancea, and Kalin Kouzmanov

The Role of Magma Mixing in The Genesis of PGE Mineralization in the Bushveld Complex: Thermodynamic Calculations and New Interpretations - A Discussion R. G. Cawthorn The Role of Magma Mixing in the Genesis of PGE Mineralization in the Bushveld Complex: Thermodynamic Calculations and New Interpretations-A Reply Chusi Li, W. D. Maier, and S. A. de Waal