ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2001, V 96, N 8, December.

Geology and alteration geochemistry of the porphyry Cu-Au deposit at Bajo de la 
Alumbrera, Argentina 
Thomas Ulrich and Christoph A. Heinrich 
The evolution of a porphyry Cu-Au deposit, based on LA-ICP-MS analysis of fluid 
inclusions: Bajo de la Alumbrera, Argentina 
Thomas Ulrich, Detlef Gunther and Christoph A. Heinrich 
 Mineralogic and stable isotope zonation at surface over the El Salvador 
porphyry copper deposit, Chile 
Yasushi Watanabe and Jeffrey W. Hedenquist 
The Candelaria-Punta del Cobre iron oxide Cu-Au(-Zn-Ag) deposits, Chile 
Robert Marschik and Lluis Fontbote 
Miocene and early Pliocene epithermal gold-silver deposits in the northern Great 
Basin, western USA:  Characteristics, distribution, and relationship to 
David  A. John 
Chemical evolution and origin of nickel sulfide mineralization in the Sudbury 
igneous complex, Ontario, Canada 
Peter C. Lightfoot, Reid R. Keays, and Will Doherty 
Geochemistry and paleotectonic setting of felsic volcanic rocks in the Finlayson 
Lake volcanic-hosted massive sulfide (VHMS) District, Yukon, Canada 
Stephen J. Piercey, Suzanne Paradis, Donald C. Murphy, and James K. Mortensen 
The origin of uraninite, bitumen nodules and carbon seams in  Witwatersrand 
gold-uranium-pyrite ore deposits,  based on a Permo-Triassic analog 
Gavin L. England, Birger Rasmussen, Bryan Krapez, and David I. Groves 
Scientific Communications 
Immiscibility and continuous melt-fluid evolution within the Rio Blanco 
porphyry system, Chile:  Evidence from  inclusions in magmatic quartz 
Paul Davidson and Vadim S. Kamenetsky 
Variations of sulfur isotopes, trace element compositions and 
cathodoluminescence of MVT-type Pb-Zn ores from the Drau Range,  Eastern Alps 
(Slovenia-Austria):  Implications for ore deposition on a regional versus 
Joachim Kuhlemann, Torsten Vennemann, Uros Herlec, Stefan Zeeh, and Thilo Bechstadt 
Mineralogy, age and fluid geochemistry of the Rila Emerald deposits, (Bulgaria) 
Pavel Alexandrov, Gaston Giuliani and Jean-Louis Zimmermann