Economic Geology, 2001, V 96, N 6, October.

Crustal affinities of metallogenesis in the American Southwest 
Spencer R. Titley 

Alteration associated with gold deposition at the Getchell, Carlin-Type gold 
deposit, north-central Nevada 
Tracy L. Cail and Jean S. Cline 

Radiogenic lead signatures in Au-rich VHMS ores and associated volcanic rocks of 
the Early Tertiary Macuchi island arc (Western Cordillera of Ecuador) 
Massimo Chiaradia and Lluis Fontbote 

An oblique-thrust ramp model for gold mineralization at the Archean 
trondhjemite-hosted Tarmoola Deposit:  The importance of heterogeneous stress 
distributions around granitoid contacts 
Paul Duuring,  Steffen G. Hagemann, and Robert J. Love 
Predictive distribution of fault-fill and extensional veins: Example from the 
Sigma gold mine, Abitibi Subprovince, Canada 
Damien Gaboury, Alain Carrier, Michel Crevier, Carl Pelletier, and Dale A Sketchley 

Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia:  Siluro-Devonian porphyry Cu-Au-(Mo) andhigh-sulfidation 
epithermal Cu mineralization with a Cretaceous chalcocite blanket 
Jose Perello and Dennis Cox 
Hydrothermal transport and deposition of Rhenium under subcritical conditions 
(up to 300?C) in light of recent experimental studies 
Yongliang Xiong and Scott A. Wood 
Stable isotope characterization of the thermal profile and subsurface biological 
activity during oxidation of the Great Australia Deposit, Cloncurry, 
Queensland, Australia 
Erik B. Melchiorre and Peter A. Williams 
Magnetic ilmenite-hematite detritus in Mesozoic-early Tertiary placer and 
sandstone-hosted uranium deposits of the Rocky Mountains 
Eric R. Force, Robert F. Butler, Richard L. Reynolds, and Robert S. Houston 
Scientific Communications 
Re-Os dating of sulfides associated with gold mineralization in Central 
Victoria, Australia 
D.C.  Arne, F. P. Bierlein, J. W. Morgan, and H. J. Stein 
Late and mid-Cretaceous mineralization in the Northern Cordillera:  Constraints 
from Re-Os molybdenite dates 
David Selby and Rob Creaser 
Mineralogy, age and fluid geochemistry of the Rila Emerald deposits, (Bulgaria) 
Pavel Alexandrov, Gaston Giuliani and Jean-Louis Zimmermann