Economic Geology, 2001, V 96, N 5, September

A Special Issue Devoted to Alteration Associated with Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposits and Its Exploration Significance.
Editors:  J. Bruce Gemmell and Walter Herrmann

J. B. Gemmell and W. Herrmann

The Spectrum of Ore Deposit Types, Volcanic Environments, Alteration
Halos and Related Exploration Vectors in Submarine Volcanic Successions:
Some Examples from Australia
R. R. Large, J.  McPhie, J. B. Gemmell, W. Herrmann, and G.
J. Davidson

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Spectral Analysis of Hydrothermal Alteration
Zones Associated with Base Metal Sulfide Deposits at Rosebery and Western 
Tharsis, Tasmania, and Highway-Reward, Queensland
W. Herrmann, M. Blake, M. Doyle, D. L.  Huston, J. Kamprad,
N.  Merry, and S. Pontual 

The Alteration Box Plot: A Simple Approach to Understanding the Relationship
Between Alteration Mineralogy and Lithogeochemistry Associated with VHMS 
R. R. Large, J. B. Gemmell, H.  Paulick, and D.  L. Huston

Textural and Chemical Characteristics of Diagenetic and Hydrothermal
Alteration in Glassy Volcanic Rocks: Examples from the Mount Read Volcanics, 
C. C. Gifkins and R. L. Allen

Geology, Genesis, and Exploration Implications of the Footwall and Hangingwall
Alteration Associated with the Hellyer VHMS Deposit, Tasmania, Australia
J. B. Gemmell and R. Fulton

Geochemical Modeling of the Zoned Footwall Akteration Pipe, Hellyer
VHMS Deposit, Western Tasmania, Australia
C. Schardt, D. R. Cooke, J. B. Gemmell, and R. R. Large

Hydrothermal Alteration and Volatile Element Halos for the Rosebery
K Lens VHMS Deposit, Western Tasmania
R. R. Large, R. L. Allen, M.D. Hale, and W. Herrmann

Geology and Host Rock Alteration of the Henty and Mt Julia Gold Deposits,
Western Tasmania
T. Callaghan

New Mapping and Interpretations of the Mount Lyell Mining District,
Tasmanic - A Large Hybrid C-Au District with an Exhalative Pb-An Top
K. D. Corbett

Zonation of Alteration Facies at Western Tharsis: Implications for the
Genesis of Cu-Au Deposits in the Mt Lyell Field, Western Tasmania
D. L. Huston and J. Kamprad

Volcanic Influences on Hydrothermal and Diagenetic Alteration: Evidence
from Highway-Reward, Mount Windson Subprovince, Australia
M.G. Doyle

The Origin of Chlorite-Tremolite-Carbonate Rocks Associated with the
Thalanga VHMS Deposit, North Queensland, Australia
W. Herrmann and A. P. Hill

Alteration of Felsic Volcanics Hosting the Thalanga Massive Sulfide
Deposit (Northern Queensland, Australia) and Geochemical Proximity to Ore
H. Paulick, W. Herrmann, and J. B. Gemmell

Geochemical Anatomy of Silica-Iron Exhalites: Evidence for Hydrothermal
Oxyanion Cycling in Response to Vent Fluid Redox and Thermal Evolution
(Mt Windsor Subprovince, Australia)
G. J. Davidson, A. J. Stolz, and S. M. Eggins

Discovery of the West 45 VHMS Deposit Using Oxygen Isotopes and REE
C. Miller, S. Halley, G. Green, and M. Jones

Alteration Characterictics of the Archean Golden Grove Formation at
the Gossan Hill Deposit, Western Australia:  Induration as a Focusing 
Mechanism for Mineralizing Hydrothermal Fluids
R. Sharpe and J. B. Gemmell

Geochemical Mass Transfer Patterns as Indicators of the Architecture
of a Complete Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Hydrothermal Alteration System
in the Panorama District, Pilbara, Western Australia
C. W. Brauhart, D. L. Huston, D. I. Groves, E. J. Mikucki, and S. J. Gardoll

Volcanic Sequences and Alteration at the Parys Mountain VMS Deposit,
Wales, United Kingdom: Applications of Immobile-Element Lithogeochemistry
T. J. Barrett, W. H. MacLean, and S. C. Tennant