Economic Geology, 2001, V 96, N 4, July.

A Letter from the President of PUBCO
Brian J. Skinner
p. 683

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Gold  Deposits in  the
Vladimir N. Sazonov, Adriaan H. Van Herk, and Hugo De Boorder
p. 685

Stable Isotope (O, H, S, C, and N) Systematics of Quartz Vein Systems
in the Turbidite Hosted Central and North Deborah Gold Deposits of the Bendigo 
Goldfield, Central Victoria, Australia: Constraints on the Origin of Ore-Forming 
Yiefei Jia, Xia Li, and Robert Kerrich
p. 705

Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Constraints on the Genesis of the Eloise
Cu-Au Deposit, Cloncurry District, NW Queensland
T. Baker, C. Perkins, K. L. Blake, and P. J. Williams
p. 723

Porphyry-Epithermal Transition:  Maricunga Belt, Northern Chile
John L. Muntean and Marco T. Einaudi
p. 743

Hydrothermal Alteration and Hydrologic Evolution of the Golden Cross
Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit, New Zealand
Mark P. Simpson, Jeffrey L. Mauk, and Stuart F. Simmons
p. 773

Petrogenesis of Apatite-Rich Rocks (Nelsonites and Oxide-Apatite Gabbronorites)
Associated with Massif Anorthosites
Robert F. Dymek and Brent E. Owens
p. 797

The Chromite Deposits of the Bacuri Mafic-Ultramafic Layered Complex,
Guyana Shield, Amapá State, Brazil
Carlos Alberto Spier and César Fonseca Ferreira Filho
p. 817

Genesis of High-Grade Hematite Orebodies of the Hamersley Province,
Western Australia
D. Taylor, H. J. Dalstra, A. E. Harding, G. C. Broadbent, and M. E. Barley
p. 837

Scientific Communications

Geochemistry of Hypersaline Fluid Inclusions from the Starra (Fe Oxide)-Au-Cu Deposit, Cloncurry District, Queensland Patrick J. Williams, Guoyi Dong, Christopher G. Ryan, Peter J. Pollard, Jackie F. Rotherham, Terry P. Mernagh, and Lucy H. Chapman p. 875 Bacteria Were Responsible for the Magnitude of the World-Class Hydrothermal Base-Metal Sulfide Orebody at Navan, Ireland Anthony E. Fallick, John H. Ashton, Adrian J. Boyce, Rob M. Ellam, and Michael J. Russell p. 885 Remnant Colloform Pyrite at the Haile Gold Deposit, South Carolina:  A Textural Key to Genesis Nora K. Foley, Robert A. Ayuso, and Robert R. Seal, II p. 891