Economic Geology, 2001, V 96, N 1, Jan-Feb.

Microthermometric, Laser Raman Spectroscopic, and Volatile-Ion
Chromatographic Analysis of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Paleozoic Muruntau
Au-Bearing Quartz Vein Ore Field, Uzbekistan
Torsten Graupner, Ulf Kempe, Edward T.C. Spooner, Colin J. Bray, Alexander
A. Kremenetsky, and Gert Irmer

Gold Deposit Formation during Collapse Tectonics: Structural,
Mineralogical, Geochronological, and Fluid Inclusion Constraints in the
Ouro Preto Gold MInes, Quadrilátero Ferrífero,Brazil
A. Chauvet, P. Piantone, L. Barbanson, P. Nehlig, and I. Pedroletti

Brittle Origins for Disseminated Gold Mineralization in Mylonite: Gaocun
Gold Deposit, Hetai Goldfield, Guangdong Province, South China
Guilin Zhang, Clive A. Boulter, and Jincheng Liang

The Au-Pd Mineralization at the Conceição Iron Mine, Itabira District,
Southern São Francisco Craton, Brazil:  An Example of a Jacutinga-Type Deposit
Gema Ribeiro Olivo, Michel Gauthier, Anthony E. Williams-Jones, and Martin

Timing of Gold and Arsenic Sulfide Mineral Deposition at the Getchell
Carlin-Type Gold Deposit, North-Central Nevada
Jean S. Cline

Gold Content of Eastern Manus Basin Volcanic Rocks:  Implications for
Enrichment in Associated Hydrothermal Precipitates
Roger Moss, Steven D. Scott, and Raymond A. Binns

Epithermal Au-Ag-Te Mineralization, Acupan, Baguio District, Philippines:
Numerical Simulations of Mineral Deposition
David R. Cooke, and D.C. McPhail

Assessment of Grid-Based Whole-Rock dD Surveys in Exploration:  Boulder
County Epithermal Tungsten Deposit, Colorado
Clive M. Rice, Russell S. Harmon, Adrian J. Boyce, and Anthony E. Fallick

Wetting Properties of Fe-Ni-Co-Cu-O-S Melts against Olivine: Implications
for Sulfide Melt Mobility
Lesley A. Rose and James M. Brenan

Diamonds from Myanmar and Thailand:  Characteristics and Possible Origins
W. L. Griffin, T. T. Win, R. Davies, P. Wathanakul, A. Andrew, I. Metcalfe,
and P. Cartigny

The Endako Batholith:  Episodic Plutonism Culminating in Formation of the
Endako Porphyry Molybdenite Deposit, North-Central British Columbia
Mike Villeneuve, Joseph B. Whalen, Robert G. Anderson, and Lambertus C.

Scientific Communications Re-Os Geochronology and Systematics in Molybdenite 
from the Endako Porphyry Molybdenum Deposit, British Columbia, Canada
David Selby and Robert A. Creaser

Partial Melting of the Broken Hill Galena-Sphalerite Ore:  Experimental
Studies in the System PbS-FeS-ZnS-(Ag2S)
J. A. Mavrogenes, I. W. MacIntosh, and D. J. Ellis

Precipitation of Gold in a Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Gold Deposit:
Insights from a Submillimeter-Scale Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Vein Quartz
Ken-Ichiro Hayashi, Tohru Maruyama, and Hisao Satoh