ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2000, V 95, N 8, December.

Causes for Large-Scale Metal Zonation around Mineralized Plutons:
Fluid Inclusion LA-ICP-MS Evidence from the Mole Granite,Australia
Andréas Audétat, Detlef Günther, and Christoph A. Heinrich

Regional Crustal Structures and Their Relation to the Distribution
of Ore Deposits in the Western United States Based on Magnetic and Gravity
T.G. Hildenbrand, Byron Berger, R.C. Jachens, & Steve Ludington

Reactive Models of Ore Formation in the Southeast Missouri District
Martin S. Appold and Grant Garven

Gilt by Association? Origins of Pyritic Gold Ores in the Victory
Mesothermal Gold Deposit, Western Australia
J.M. Palin and Y. Xu

The Werner Lake Co-Cu-Au Deposit of the English River Subprovince,
Ontario, Canada: Evidence for an Exhalative Origin and Effects of Granulite
Facies Metamorphism
Yuanming Pan and Craig Therens

Re-Os Dating of Low-Level Highly Radiogenic (LLHR) Sulfides: The
Harnäs Gold Deposit, Southwest Sweden, Records Continental Scale Tectonic
Holly J. Stein, John W. Morgan, and Anders Scherstén

Systematic Variations in Galena Solid-Solution Compositions at
Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico
Virgil W. Lueth, Peter K.M. Megaw, Nicholas E. Pingitore, and Philip C.Goodell

Isotope Geochemistry of Ankerite-Bearing Veins Associated with the
Coeur d"Alene Mining District, Idaho
Philip E. Rosenberg and Peter B. Larson

Spinels and Mg Ilmenites from the Noril'sk 1 and Talnakh Intrusions
and Other Mafic Rocks of the Siberian Flood Basalt Province
Stephen J. Barnes and V.Y. Kunilov

The Fluid Inclusion and Mineralogic Record of the Transition from
Liquid- to Vapor-Dominated Conditions in The Geysers Geothermal System,
Joseph N. Moore, Michael C. Adams, and Alan J. Anderson

Overlapping Cretaceous and Eocene Alteration, Twin Creeks
Carlin-Type Deposit, Nevada
C.M. Hall, Stephen E. Kesler,  Grigore Simon, and John Fortuna

The Application of Microchemical Analysis of Alluvial Gold Grains
to the Understanding of Complex Local and Regional Gold Mineralization: A
Case Study in the Irish and Scottish Caledonides
R. J. Chapman, R. C. Leake, N. R. Moles, G. Earls, C. Cooper, K.
Harrington, and R. Berzins

Petrography and Geochemistry of the Eugui Magnesite Deposit
(Western Pyrenees, Spain): Evidence for the Development of a Peculiar Zebra
Banding by Dolomite Replacement
Stefano Lugli, José Torres-Ruiz, Giorgio Garuti, and Fernando Olmedo