ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2000, V 95, N 7, November.

Preliminary Fluid Inclusion Constraints on Fluid Evolution in the Bayan Obo
Fe-REE-Nb Deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Martin P. Smith and P. Henderson

Regional Fluid Flow and Gold Mineralization in the Dalradian of the Sperrin
Mountains, Northern Ireland
J. Parnell, G. Earls, J. J. Wilkinson, D. H. W. Hutton, A. J. Boyce, A. E.
Fallick, R. M. Ellam, S. A. Gleeson, N. R. Moles, P. F. Carey, and I. Legg

Dike-Hosted Ores of the Beast Deposit and the Importance of Eocene
Magmatism in Gold Mineralization of the Carlin Trend,Nevada
Michael W. Ressel, Donald C. Noble, Christopher D. Henry, and Wayne S.Trudel

Porphyry Gold Deposits of the Refugio District, Maricunga Belt, Northern Chile
John L. Muntean and Marco T. Einaudi

The Middle Valley Sulfide Deposits, Northern Juan de Fuca Ridge: Radiogenic
Isotope Systematics
T. Bjerkgård, B. L. Cousens, and J. M. Franklin

Age of the Sherman-Type Zn-Pb-Ag Deposits, Mosquito Range,Colorado
D. T. A. Symons, M. T. Lewchuk, C. F. Taylor, and M. J. Harris

Fluid Chemistry and Depositional Mechanism of the Epigenetic, Discordant
Ores of the Proterozoic Carbonate-Hosted, Zawarmala Pb-Zn Deposit, Udaipur
District, India
Jawahar Kumar Talluri, H. S. Pandalai and G. N. Jadhav

Scientific Communications
Contrasting Fluid Types at the Nevoria Gold Deposit in the Southern Cross Greenstone Belt, Western Australia: Implications of Auriferous Fluids Depositing Ores within an Archean Banded Iron-Formation Hong-Rui Fan, David I. Groves, Edward J. Mickucki, and Neal J. McNaughton 1527 Re-Os Ages for the Erdenet and Tsagaan Suvarga Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposits, Mongolia, and Tectonic Implications Yasushi Watanabe and Holly J. Stein 1537 The Relationship between Intrusion-Hosted Cu-Mo Mineralization and the VMS Deposits of the Archean Sturgeon Lake Mining Camp, Northwestern Ontario Alan Galley, Otto van Breemen, and James Franklin 1543 Experimental Sulfur Isotope Studies of the Pyrite to Pyrrhotite Conversion in a Hydrogen Atmosphere Edward M. Ripley and Kossouth Snyder 1551