ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2000, V 95, N 6, September-October.

A Special Issue Devoted to Skarn Deposits Lawrence D. Meinert, David R. Lentz, and Rainer J. Newberry, Editors
Lawrence D. Meinert, David R. Lentz, and Rainer J. Newberry

Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Age Constraints on the Pb-Zn Skarn Deposit
of Maria Cristina, Quebrada Galena, Northern Chile.
François Lieben, Robert Moritz, and Lluís Fontboté    

Skarns Related to Porphyry-Style Mineralization at Caicayén Hill,
Neuquén, Argentina: Composition and Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids
Marta B. Franchini, Lawrence D. Meinert, and Teresita F.Montenegro   

Formation of Magnetite-Scheelite Skarn Mineralization at Kara,
Northwestern Tasmania: Evidence from Mineral Chemistry and Stable Isotopes
Khin Zaw and Blackwell Singoyi

U-Pb Ages Constraining Batholith Emplacement, Contact Metamorphism,
and the Formation of Gold and W-Mo Skarns in the Southern Cross Area,
Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Andreas G. Mueller and Neal J.McNaughton

Mineralogy and Metasomatic Evolution of Distal Strata-Bound Scheelite
Skarns in Riba de Alva Mine, Northeastern Portugal
L. Miguel Gaspar and Carlos M.C.Inverno

The Geology and Isotope Geochemistry of the Talc Deposits of Puebla de
Lillo, (Cantabrian Zone, Northern Spain)
Fernando Tornos and Baruch F.Spiro

Base Metal Skarns and Au Occurrences in the Southern Gaspé Appalachians:
Distal Products of a Faulted and Displaced Magmatic-Hydrothermal System
along the Grand Pabos-Restigouche Fault System
Michel Malo, Robert Moritz, Benoît Dube, André Chagnon, François Roy, 
and Chantal Pelchat

A Low F Pegmatite-Related Mo Skarn from the Southwestern Grenville
Province,Ontario, Canada:  Phase Equilibria and Petrogenic Implications
D. R. Lentz and K.Suzuki

Estimation of Fluorine Concentrations in Fluids of Mineralized Skarn Systems
Anatoly M.Aksyuk

The Geochemistry of Three Tin-Bearing Skarns and their Related
Plutonic Rocks, Atlin, Northern British Columbia
G. E. Ray, I. C. L. Webster, S. B. Ballantyne, C. E. Kilby, and S. B.Cornelius