GEOLOGISTS, 2000, AUG, V95, N5.

5.1 Theriault, RD; Barnes, SJ; Severson, MJ.
Origin of Cu-Ni-PGE sulfide mineralization in the
 Partridge River intrusion, Duluth Complex, Minnesota.  
pp. 929-943

5.2 Arnason, JG; Bird, DK.
A gold- and platinum-mineralized layer in gabbros of the
Kap Edvard Holm complex: Field, petrologic, and geochemical
pp. 945-970

5.3 Simmons, SF; Browne, PRL.
Hydrothermal minerals and precious metals in the
Broadlands-Ohaaki geothermal system: Implications for
understanding low-sulfidation epithermal environments. 
pp. 971-999

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Mineralization and hydrothermal history of the Tiwi
geothermal system, Philippines. 
pp. 1001-1023

5.5 De Ronde, CEJ; Faure, K; Bray, CJ; Whitford, DJ.
Round hill shear zone-hosted gold deposit, Macraes Flat,
Otago, New Zealand: Evidence of a magmatic ore fluid.
pp. 1025-1048

5.6 Carrier, A; Jebrak, M; Angelier, J; Holyland, P.
The silidor deposit, Rouyn-Noranda District, Abitibi
Belt: Geology, structural evolution, and paleostress
modeling of an Au quartz vein-type deposit in an Archean
pp. 1049-1065

5.7 Perring, CS; Pollard, PJ; Dong, G; Nunn, AJ; and others.
The Lightning Creek sill complex, Cloncurry district,
northwest Queensland: A source of fluids for Fe oxide
Cu-Au mineralization and sodic-calcic alteration. 
pp. 1067-1089

5.8 Marie, JS; Kesler, SE.
Iron-rich and iron-poor Mississippi Valley-type
mineralization, Metaline district, Washington. 
pp. 1091-1106

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Mineral sands occurrences in the Murray Basin,
southeastern Australia.
pp. 1107-1128

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Sulfate reduction by organic matter in Colombian
emerald deposits: Chemical and stable isotope (C, O, H)
pp. 1129-1153

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Temporal evolution of arc magmatism and hydrothermal
activity, including epithermal gold veins, Borovitsa
caldera, southern Bulgaria. 
pp. 1155-1164

5.12 Torrealday, HI; Hitzman, MW; Stein, HJ; Markley, RJ; and others.
Re-Os and U-Pb dating of the vein-hosted mineralization
at the Kansanshi copper deposit, northern Zambia.
pp. 1165-1170

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Tertiary-age diamondiferous fluvial deposits of the
lower Orange River valley, southwestern Africa (vol 94,
pg 749, 1999)
pp. 1177

5.14 Loucks, TA.
The Society of Economic Geologists Ralph W. Marsden
Award for 1999 - Citation of John A. Thoms.
pp. 1179-1182