ECONOMIC GEOLOGY , 2000, V 95, N 3, May.

Underground fumaroles: Excess heat effects in vein 

Richard W. Henley and Graham Hughes

A fluid inclusion study of Au-bearing quartz vein systems in the Central

Deborah deposit of the Bendigo goldfield, Central Victoria, 

Yiefei Jia, X. Li and R. Kerrich

The nature and genesis of gold-silver-tellurium mineralization in the

southern Apuseni Mountains of western Romania

David H.M. Alderton and Anthony E. Fallick

Mineralogical and chemical studies of volcanic-related argillaceous

industrial minerals of the Central American Cordillera (western El Salvador)

H.G. Dill, H.-R. Bosse,and J. Kassbohm

The origin of platinum group minerals from Sierra Leone inferred from

osmium isotope systematics


J.F.W. Bowles, I.C. Lyon, J.M. Saxton, and D.J. Vaughan

Origin of platinum-bearing placers in the Aluchin horst, Russian Far


Stanislav S. Gornostayev, Alexander D. Dodatko, Kauko V.O. Laajoki,

and Alexander G. Mochalov

Hydrothermal mobilization of HFSE in alkaline igneous systems: Evidence

from the Tamazeght Complex

Stefano Salvi, François Fontan, Pierre Monchoux, A.E. Williams-Jones,

and Bernard Moine

Diffusion and reaction controlled Cu-Pb-Zn ore mineral precipitation

in a reducing system: a model applied to the pattern of ore mineral precipitation
 in the Kupferschiefer and other black shales


David J. Large and J.S. Small

Vein and karstic barite deposits in the Western Jebilet of Morocco: 

Fluid inclusion and isotope (S, O, Sr) evidence for regional fluid mixing

related to the Central Atlantic rifting  

Katia Valenza, Robert Moritz, Abdellah Mouttaqi, Denis Fontignie,

and Zachary Sharp

Sedimentary Origin  of the Mn-Fe Ore of Um Bogma, Southwest Sinai:

Geochemical and Paleomagnetic Evidence


N. L. ElAgami, E. H. Ibrahim, and H. H. Odah

Oxygen and carbon isotope study of natural and synthetic azurite

Erik B. Melchiorre, Robert E. Criss and Timothy P. Rose

Significant deposits of gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in the

United States        

Keith R. Long, John E. DeYoung, Jr., and Steve Ludington

Scientific Communications
The pallacos of Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia: A new deposit type 645 Paul J. Bartos 4500 year old mining pollution in southwestern Spain:  Long-term implications for modern mining pollutions 655 Marc Leblanc, J. A. Morales, J. Borrego, and F. Elbaz-Poulichet