ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 2000, V 95, N 2, March-April.

Gold in porphyry copper deposits: Experimental determination of the

distribution of gold in the Cu-Fe-S system at 400-700ºC

Grigore Simon, Stephen E. Kesler, Eric J. Essene and Stephen L.


Foraminiferal coloration index as a guide to hydrothermal gradients

around the Porgera Intrusive Complex, in the Papuan fold and thrust belt,

New Guinea

Mark Gunson, Greg Hall and Mike Johnston

Wallrock petrology and geochemistry  in alteration haloes associated

with mesothermal gold mineralization, central Victoria, Australia

Frank P. Bierlein,  D.C. Arne, S. McKnight,  J. Lu, S.

Reeves, J. Besanko, J. Marek, and D. Cooke

Bulk rock and melt inclusion geochemistry of Bolivian tin porphyry systems

Andreas Dietrich, B. Lehmann, and A. Wallianos

The Genesis of Hydrothermal Fluorite-REE Deposits in the Gallinas Mountains,


Anthony E. Williams-Jones, Iain M. Samson and Gema R. Olivio

Geology and ore petrography of Permian Kuroko-type volcanogenic massive

sulfide deposits of the Bully Hill area, East Shasta district, California

Michael M. Gustin and Christopher J. Eastoe

Formation and transformation of clay minerals in the hydrothermal deposits

of Middle Valley, Juan de Fuca Ridge, ODP Leg 169

K.S. Lackschewitz, A. Singer, R. Botz, D. Garbe-Schönberg,

P. Stoffers, and K. Horz

 Gold-bearing breccias of the Rain Mine, Carlin Trend, Nevada,


Cindy L. Williams, Tommy B. Thompson, Jon L. Powell, and W. Warren


Petrology and geochemistry of some proterozoic banded iron-formations

of the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Cornelis Klein and Eduardo A. Ladeira

Genesis of vein-stockwork and sedimentary magnesite and hydromagnesite

deposits in the ultramafic terrains of southwestern Turkey: 
A stable isotope

Veysel Zedef, Michael J. Russell,  Anthony E. Fallick, and 

Allan J. Hall