ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 1999, V 94, N 8, December.

Hydrothermal Processes Related to Movement of Fluid from Plastic into
Brittle Rock in the Magmatic-Epithermal Environment
Robert O. Fournier

Sulfide Minerals In Intrusive And Volcanic Rocks of the Bingham-Park City
Belt, Utah
David M. Borrok, Stephen E. Kesler, and Thomas A Vogel

A Revised Late Eocene Age for Porphyry Cu Magmatism in the Escondida Area,
Northern Chile
Jeremy P. Richards, Stephen R. Noble, and Malcolm S. Pringle

Application of Topaz-Muscovite F-OH Exchange as a Geothermometer
Werner E. Halter and Anthony E. Williams-Jones

Evidence for Diachronous Archean Lode-Gold Mineralization in the Yilgarn
Craton, Western Australia:A SHRIMP U-Pb Study Of Intrusive Rocks
Christopher J. Yeats, N.J. McNaughton, D. Ruettger, R. Bateman, D.I.
Groves, J.L. Harris,
and E.Kohler

Structural, Mineralogical and Geochemical Studies of the Paleoproterozoic
Omai Gold Deposit, Guyana
Gabriel Voicu, Marc Bardoux, Michel Jébrak, and Robert Crépeau

The Structural Setting and Contact Metamorphism of the Wonga Gold Deposit,
Victoria, Australia
Christopher J.L. Wilson, Guowei Xu and Jeffrey Moncrieff

Geology of the Barite Hill Gold-Silver Deposit in the Southern Carolina
Slate Belt of South Carolina
Sandra H.B. Clark, Karen J. Gray, and Judith M. Back

Structural States and Isotopic Compositions of Water in Hydrothermal Quartz
Daizo Ishiyama, Keiji Shinoda, Toru Shimizu, Osamu Matsubaya, and Nobuyuki

Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Kaolinite Deposits, Cape
Peninsula, South Africa: Low-Temperature, Meteoric Origin
Chris Harris, Sally A. Bevington and John S. Compton

Invisible Gold at Zarshuran, Iran
H.H. Asadi, J.H.L. Voncken, and M. Hale

Epithermal Precious Metal Mineralization in a Strike-Slip Corridor: 
The San Dimas District, Durango, Mexico
Johannes T. Horner and Erme Enriquez