Economic Geology & the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists. 1999, V 94, N 2, Mar-Apr.

ISSN 0361-0128
  The origin of Cu sulfide deposits in the Curaca Valley, Bahia, Brazil:
  Evidence from Cu, Ni, Se, and platinum-group element concentrations.
  Maier WD; Barnes SJ.
  pp 165-183
  Platinum-group elements in the sudbury ores: Significance with respect to
  the origin of different ore zones and to the exploration for footwall
  Naldrett AJ; Asif M; Schandl E; Searcy T; Morrison GG; Binney WP; Moore C.
  pp 185-210
  Lead isotope compositions of Late Cretaceous and early Tertiary igneous
  rocks and sulfide minerals in Arizona: Implications for the sources of
  plutons and metals in porphyry copper deposits. 
  Bouse RM; Ruiz J; Titley SR; Tosdal RM; Wooden JL.
  pp 211-244
  Oxygen and carbon isotope study of natural and synthetic malachite.
  Melchiorre EB; Criss RE; Rose TP.
  pp 245-259
  Clay mineralogy, crystallinity, and K-Ar ages of illites within the Polish
  Zechstein basin: Implications for the age of Kupferschiefer
  Bechtel A; Elliott WC; Wampler JM; Oszczepalski S.
  pp 261-272
  U series age and origin of two secondary uranium deposits, central Eastern
  Desert, Egypt. 
  Osmond JK; Dabous AA; Dawood YH.
  pp 273-279
  Fe sulfide formation due to seawater-gas-sediment interaction in a
  shallow-water hydrothermal system at Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea.
  Pichler T; Giggenbach WF; McInnnes BIA; Buhl D; Duck B.
  pp 281-287
  Gold remobilization by low-temperature brines: Evidence from the
  Curraghinalt gold deposit, Northern Ireland.
  Wilkinson JJ; Boyce AJ; Earls G; Fallick AE.
  pp 289-296