Volume 93 September-October 1998 Number 6

"Zinc-Lead Mineralization and Basinal Brine Movement, Lower Windsor Group (Viséan),
Nova Scotia, Canada"

   5.1 Sangster, DF; Savard, MM.
  pp. 699-702

   5.2 Lynch, G; Keller, JVA; Giles, PS.
         Influence of the Ainslie detachment on the stratigraphy of
       the maritimes basin and mineralization in the Windsor Group
       of Northern Nova Scotia, Canada.                             
   pp. 703-718

   5.3 Lavoie, D; Sami, T.
         Sedimentology of the lowest Windsor carbonate rocks: Base
       metal hosts in the maritimes basin of Eastern Canada.        
   pp. 719-733

   5.4 Lavoie, D; Sangster, DF.
         Breccias in the lower part of the Mississippian Windsor
       Group and their relation to Zn-Pb mineralization: A summary. 
   pp. 734-745

   5.5 Bertrand, R; Chagnon, A; Heroux, Y; Savard, MM.
         Hydrothermal alteration of clay minerals and organic
       matter within and outside the jubilee carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb
       deposit, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.            
  pp. 746-756

   5.6 Fallara, F; Savard, MM; Paradis, S.
         A structural, petrographic, and geochemical study of the
       jubilee Zn-Pb deposit, Nova Scotia, Canada, and a new
       metallogenic model.                                          
  pp. 757-778

   5.7 Chagnon, A; StAntoine, P; Savard, MM.
         Impact of Pb-Zn sulfide precipitation on the clay mineral
       assemblage in the Gays River Deposit, Nova Scotia, Canada.   
  pp. 779-792

   5.8 Kontak, DJ.
         A study of fluid inclusions in sulfide and nonsulfide
       mineral phases from a carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb deposit, Gays
       River, Nova Scotia, Canada.                                  
   pp. 793-817

   5.9 Savard, MM; Kontak, DJ.
         delta C-13-delta O-18-Sr-87/Sr-86 covariations in
       ore-stage calcites at and around the Gays River Zn-Pb
       deposit (Nova Scotia, Canada) - Evidence for fluid mixing.   
  pp. 818-833

   5.10 Savard, MM; Sangster, DF; Burtt, MD.
          Isotope geochemistry of sideritized host rocks, Walton Ba
        Deposit, Kennetcook sub-basin, Nova Scotia, Canada.         
   pp. 834-844

   5.11 Kontak, DJ; Sangster, DF.
          Aqueous and liquid petroleum inclusions in barite from
        the Walton Deposit, Nova Scotia, Canada: A carboniferous,
        carbonate-hosted Ba-Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag deposit.                    
  pp. 845-868

   5.12 Sangster, DF; Burtt, MD; Kontak, DJ.
          Geology of the B baseline zone, Walton Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag-Ba
        deposit, Nova Scotia, Canada.                               
  pp. 869-882

   5.13 Chi, GX; Kontak, DJ; WilliamsJones, AE.
          Fluid composition and thermal regime during Zn-Pb
        mineralization in the Lower Windsor Group, Nova Scotia,
 pp. 883-895

   5.14 Chi, GX; Savard, MM.
          Basinal fluid flow models related to Zn-Pb mineralization
        in the southern margin of the Maritimes basin, Eastern
 pp. 896-910

   5.15 Sangster, DF; Savard, MM; Kontak, DJ.
          Sub-basin-specific Pb and Sr sources in Zn-Pb deposits of
        the Lower Windsor Group, Nova Scotia, Canada.               
 pp. 911-919

   5.16 Savard, MM; Chi, GX.
          Cation study of fluid inclusion decrepitates in the
        Jubilee and Gays River (Canada) Zn-Pb deposits -
        Characterization of ore-forming brines.                     
 pp. 920-931

   5.17 Sangster, DF; Savard, MM; Kontak, DJ.
          A genetic model for mineralization of Lower Windsor
        (Visean) carbonate rocks of Nova Scotia, Canada.            
 pp. 932-952