Volume 92 November-December 1997 Number 7/8

"Timing and Duration of Hydrothermal Events"

PREFACE: The Timing and Duration of Hydrothermal Events
H.J. Stein and L.M. Cathles
pp 763-765

How long can a hydrothermal system be sustained by a single intrusion event?
L.M. Cathles, A.H.J. Erendi, J.B. Thayer, and T. Barrie
pp 766-771

Time estimation of iron-depletion near pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite inclusions in sphalerite: the sphalerite speedometer
Toshio Mizuta and Steven Scott
pp 772-783

40Ar/39Ar geochronology of Cu-Au and Au-Ag mineralization in the Potrerillos District, Chile
Timothy Marsh, Marco Einaudi, and Michael McWilliams
pp 784-806

Brief duration of hydrothermal activity at Round Mountain, Nevada determined from 40Ar/39Ar geochronology
Chris Henry, Hallet Elson, Bill McIntosh, Matt Heizler, and Steve Castor
pp 807-826

Highly precise and accurate Re-Os ages for molybdenite, East Qinling molybdenum belt, Shaanxi Province, China
Holly Stein, Richard Markey, John Morgan, Du Andao, and Sun Yali
pp 827-835

Ocean plateau volcanism and global ocean anoxia: Hydrothermal links at the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary
Chris Sinton and Robert Duncan
pp 836-842

Temporal changes in mineralization style at the Cadjebut MVT deposit, Lennard Shelf, Western Australia
Linda Tompkins, Burkhard Eisenlohr, David Groves, and Michael Raitz
pp 843-862

Evidence of episodic fluid, gas, and sediment venting on the northern Gulf of Mexico continental slope
Harry Roberts and Robert Carney
pp 863-879

Hydrodynamics of regional metamorphism due to continental collision
R. Brooks Hanson
pp 880-891